Previous Job
Machine Operator|Shift 2
Ref No.: 18-20109
Location: Holland, Michigan

• Production – working on packaging lines. Could be doing very manual/repetitive work. Lots of standing.
• Process Control – working in a "kitchen” setting, preparing large quantities of sauces (e.g., mustard, bbq sauce, relish). Could be manually dumping 50 lb bags of sugar repetitively. Could involve some hilo driving. Very strong smells, as they work closely with powders/ingredients (could irritate allergies).
• Sanitation – working on cleaning the lines (using hoses, chemicals, etc), adjusting piping, emptying garbage cans (requires some heavy lifting), could involve some hilo driving.

Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: product preparation, package preparation, product packaging, production line or pickle tank cleaning, and warehousing activities. Employees could be placed in one or more of the following departments: Production, Quality, Materials, and Process Control. Operate safely and in compliance with food safety and GMP standards.

Attend work regularly and reliably.
Some positions will be required to lift 25 lbs or 40-50 lbs.
Required to be standing for the duration of the shift period.
There is an opportunity to be considered for a permanent role with Food and Beverage Client.
Must be available to work any shift (1st, 2nd and/or 3rd) and 8, 10 or 12 hours shifts
Must be willing to work overtime and weekends, when needed.

The majority of the roles will be on 2nd and 3rd Shift
1st Shift- 6am (Variations if work 10 or 12s)
2nd Shift- 2:30pm (Variations if work 10 or 12s)
3rd- 10pm (Variations if work 10 or 12s)

Some other topics to review with candidates
• The plant has strong odors (e.g., vinegar, mustard)
• They may be required to work 12 hour shifts and weekends, depending on business needs, and may be notified about 12 hours day-of
• Must have reliable transportation to get them to/from work every day (including weekends)
• Attendance is critical – if they are not reliable and do not show up to work, their assignments will be ended.
• We have many opportunities to get hired on at Food and Beverage Client – biggest things we consider are Attendance, Punctuality, Performance, Following Rules/Listening to Line Leads (e.g., following break schedules, following directions, not wandering, etc.)
• We will not tolerate conflict in the workplace