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GEPW- Regeneration Operator II
Ref No.: 18-19783
Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Regeneration Operator II
Wilmington, NC
1+ Year Contract


1. Set-up and operate a variety of production equipment in a nuclear fuel fabrication operation. Achieve qualification/ certification on level elements as specified in operating and quality documents. Will be required to train and certify on at least one process/product inspection disciplines within 12 weeks.
2. Job responsibilities depending on area of assignment may include: operate complex bundle assembly, press, grind, mill, slug, roll tumble, lathe, XRF, gadolinia dry scrap recycle (GDSR), blending and granulating machinery, and powder receipt responsibilities.
3. Operate various machines to aid in manufacturing process, including bridge cranes, semi-automated stamping machine, engraver, hot DI water tank, drying oven, and spot welder.
4. Perform packing steps to pack fuel bundles or loose fuel rods into inner and outer containers. Apply tamper-safe seals, perform system transactions, and move transactions for packed fuel bundles or loose rods.
5. Accumulate segregated scrap in proper containers for transfer to appropriate reprocessing operations.
6. Responsible for moving various product containers to a variety of process stations and/or storage locations. Will operate motorized fork trucks, side-loaders, hand trucks, and overhead cranes.
7. Perform basic setups, changeovers, and perform minor adjustments to maintain machine tolerances.
8. Perform part traceability record keeping, measurement of parts, and packaging produced in the hardware preparation area. Check and monitor quality and output using precision measuring equipment such as micrometers, indicators, optical comparator, profilometer, and pin gages.
9. Responsible for continuous adherence to all areas of personal, nuclear, and criticality safety regulations and requirements
10. Accountable for complete accuracy in data input to material inventory control system (FBS/MICS)
11. Pull in process and product release samples per planning and/or as instructed.
12. Maintain records, process control charts, and other documentation as required.
13. Initiate input to material release system.
14. Enter maintenance Work Orders into Oracle system.
15. Interpret operating procedures, temporary operating procedures, and production notices and assure that quality and process instructions are followed. Proficient in the use of FMO on-line applications such as FBS, Operating Procedure directories, and KATS.
16. Assist in training of personnel new to area and position in all aspects of relative level.
17. Perform duties and tasks related to all safety regulations and procedures and that are necessary to keep facilities, materials, and work area clean and orderly.
18. Activities will generally be part of team effort. Responsible for supporting other area operators working same or dependent process.

1. Extensive manual lifting and movement of material. Frequent lifting/push/push up to 50 lbs.
2. Corrected 20/20 vision and color distinction required in order to complete Quality Control vision requirement.
3. Extensive standing. Some climbing (including platform ladders of up to 14 ft.), bending, and stooping.
4. High level of visual and mental concentration, including detailed record keeping.
5. Operate motorized fork trucks, hand trucks, and overhead cranes.

1. Education - high school or equivalent
2. At least 2 years work experience in a maintenance, manufacturing or production operation, nuclear facility, or equivalent military experience; OR AA Degree in associated field (i.e. Computer Integrated Machining, Electrical/Electronics Technology, Mechatronics Engineering Tech., etc.).
3. Math - multiply, divide, add, and subtract to maintain records and determine weights
4. Must be able to read and comprehend operating, quality, and regulatory requirements