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Farm Associate
Ref No.: 18-19467
Location: Gentry, Arkansas
Job Title: Farm Associate
**Shift starts around 5am to 7:30am and runs until finish (10-12 hr. shift)**
**4 days a week either (1) Sunday through Wednesday or (2) Thursday through Sunday**
**Outdoor, barn environment. Must wear farm provided PPE clothing: boots, bump cap, dust mask.**

The Farm Associate will walk in the barn and gather egg from the nest and from the floor on a preset schedule of every hour to 45 minutes depending on the age of the flock and additional farm chores (cleaning drinkers, cleaning fans, housekeeping, nest repair, and broody control to name a few) as assigned by the farm supervisor. Carry the eggs to the egg house where they will wash and disinfect the eggs. Must be willing to follow bio-security rules which require candidates to take a shower prior to entering the farm and take another shower prior to leaving the farm as well.

All job seekers who are interviewed for the position must be asked the following questions:
1. Do you own or live with any birds or swine? Any feathered friends?
2. Do you live with anyone who works for Company?
3. Do you live with anyone who works at another turkey farm?
4. Do you have any daily interaction with birds?

1. Have you ever legally or otherwise changed your name? If so, when and why?
2. How do you feel about raising animals for harvest?
3. When you get frustrated with an animal, how do/would you respond?
4. If you see a sick or wounded turkey, how would you respond?
5. Have you ever observed an animal being subjected to treatment that you believed was harmful? When, where, and what did you do about it?