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Client Relations Analyst
Ref No.: 18-19396
Location: South Jordan, Utah
5 months

Role: Client Relations Analyst

Top Skills:The top two qualities we are looking for would be a strong writing background (specifically professional correspondence but we can work with any writing background and Critical thinking skills. The role requires the analyst to do a lot of research and amend responses based on the individual need of the client.

See description below:

This role is a Client Relations Analyst role within Client Relations. This teams principle responsibility is to manage the handling of operational complaints, inquiries, and their associated processes for the Firm. Position responsibilities include written and verbal response to operational complaints under $25,000 for individual and business clients as well as CR reporting responsibilities. The role is critical to ensure that client complaint responses are completed within Client guidelines as well as Firm service levels. This analyst is responsible for the completion of multiple cases within Client guidelines. They have access to both Firm and Legal systems to ensure proper reporting of these cases. Not hiring this position would continue to result in decreasing service levels for the CR while case volumes continue to rise. Analyst caseloads are currently at 63 cases per analyst where the ideal number would be approximately 35.