Ref No.: 18-18971
Location: Saint Louis, Missouri
TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: May be assigned from time to time to one or another of the listed work groups and/or departments. Under general supervision, to perform accounting and auditing assignments in connection with maintaining the accounting books and records of the Company; to prepare corporate and departmental budgets and to prepare reports or statements of a statistical, financial or regulatory nature. As required, to serve as a leader in assigning and reviewing the work of clerks and other employees. In all assignments to perform details of work such as: - Maintain the books and records relating to accounting, physical property, budgets, taxes, etc., including the preparation of book entries and records; the audit and inspection of entries of source records such as journal entries, invoices, cash vouchers, payrolls, stores requisitions, etc.; the development of property records, the maintenance of accounting controls; the posting of various records and performing a variety of other operations necessary to maintaining the accounts. - Make accounting analyses and tabulations, prepare data and assist in studies of an accounting, financial or statistical nature. - Prepare various reports for management, regulatory bodies, taxing authorities and others. This includes preparing statements, schedules and exhibits included in or comprising such reports. - Conduct periodic audits to verify the accuracy of accounting, cash, inventory records, etc. and the adherence to established procedures. - Assist in preparing cost of service and other studies and reports for use by regulatory authorities. - Perform methods studies, and assist in revising accounting, clerical, office and other procedures. - Perform special assignments, both recurring and non-recurring, of an accounting, statistical or procedural nature. Special Responsibilities: For holding as confidential, information relating to personnel, wages, earnings, forecasts and other financial or statistical data relating to the accounts or operations of the Company. Contacts: With employees and supervisors of the various departments within the Company for the purposes of obtaining or transmitting information relating to work assignments. As necessary, with representatives of other companies or with persons outside the Company. QUALIFICATIONS (education, experience special skills): Must have a degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Accounting, Business Administration, or Economics. Courses must include a minimum of twenty-four (24) semester hours of accounting.