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Sanitation Worker|Shift 1
Ref No.: 18-18035
Location: Mason, Ohio
Scrap Hauler

Sanitation Responsibilities
1. BOD / Scrap removal from the packaging and processing areas; maintain assigned areas and ensure they are audit ready and hazard free at all times.
2. Prepare Packaging and Processing areas for sanitation by removing trash, raw materials, in-
process materials and finished goods.
3. Clean and sanitize packaging and processing equipment, including storage tanks, process piping,
product hoses and auxiliary equipment such as pumps, metal detectors, filters and fittings. Use of CIP systems, COP tanks and/or hand cleaning will be required.
4. Clean, sweep and dry floors on a daily basis.
5. Clean walls, ceilings, ductwork, etc. as needed.
6. Must be able to accurately task lists and complete VM boards.
7. Operate trash tow cart and consistently carry 50lbs or more utilizing proper lifting techniques.
8. Complete data entry into IQS with minimum errors.

B. Production Responsibilities
1. Gather and set up raw materials and equipment needed for production.
2. Operate packaging machines in compliance with procedures. Complete machine set-ups, product hook-ups, change overs, and washouts.

C. Additional Responsibilities
1. Observe all safety and GMP rules; must wear appropriate PPE as needed upon contact of chemicals.
2. Follow all guidelines and procedures for controlling the BOD loads to the waste treatment plant.
3. Assist as needed in all phases of the operation.
4. Cross train for other jobs as needed or instructed.

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