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Video Production Supervisor
Ref No.: 18-17830
Location: Lawrence Township, New Jersey
Job Description: Intake Lead/Project Production Supervisor
Client - company Films – Leased Worker
Project Intake & Producing Team/Body of Work Project Supervisor role within Broadcast Level Corporate to Commercial Video, Photography, Animation & Live Webcasting Production Facility
Position Description & Responsibilities -
Project Intake Lead
• Manage all project inquiries/requests from initial contact to Producer assignment
• Quick response, in person meetings with Business Partners and Agencies to assess project, provide company Films capabilities overview and facility tours.
• Translate requests into a Project Brief
• Maintain status of requests for transparency and reporting
• Engaging SME on the company Films team and Vendor Network for estimation and budgeting
• Review of Budget Estimate and Scope of Work with company Films Leadership
• Creation and delivery of Project Proposal to Business Partner for Approval – typically expected within 3 days - one week for more complex productions.
• Obtain and track all project request, discovery, and project launch information.
• Opening of SOW against Master Service Agreements where necessary
• Problem solving and collaboration with company Films team members throughout intake & estimating process
• Lead all internal meetings with company Films Producing Team & Freelance Teams to transfer information electronically & with live discussion to launch approved Project requests to Active status.
• All Intake and Business Partner support as assigned by the Associate Director
• Representation of company Films as assigned by Associate Director
• Department responsibilities regarding the day to day department-shared support of Freelancers including security clearances and access, invoice routing / billing process and edit room prep for Agencies.
Project Production Supervisor
• Supervise substantial volume of high end video, photography, animation & live webcasting productions (15+) simultaneously within fast paced Video Production Facility.
• Oversite of entire Producing process and the Producing team ( staff & freelance ) from project launch to delivery
• Advisor to Producers in Business Partner meetings, determining project needs, responding to Producer alerts on scope changes
• Creating scope change estimates through approval
• Following routing & billing process with correction as needed
• Oversee Producer planning and progress related to field, studio & post production and execution review and advisory.
• Collaboration with Studio Manager, Senior Editor & Technical Operations Supervisor for Optimum execution of productions
• Supervise and hold final responsibility for the Producing Team maintaining productions within budget.
• Communicating weekly Forecasted Actuals provided by Producers to Associate Director & Business Partners as determined necessary at onset of project.
• Matrix Manage – Staff Producer, Producing aspect of Studio Manager role, Freelance Producer Team & Production Assistant
• Proactive, deep support of Associate Director regarding design and execution of strategic planning, production process design, work streams & company Objectives.
• Communication support on department initiatives including Power Point Deck development.
• Point of contact for Business Operations details as it relates to Compliance and Process
• Cross Functional exchanges within broader department including Multi-Channel Hub
Position Requirements
• Bachelors degree in Communications or equivalent professional experience
• 10 + years experience in the video/film production field
• Highly organized and ability to multi-task effectively with an understanding of Project Management Concepts
• High End Video Production knowledge from creative development phase through post production phase
• Some travel may be necessary based on requirements and location of productions

Skills and Knowledge Desired
• Highly Professional with excellent communication & presentation skills
• Proven ability to work across company groups while promoting corporate behaviors and standards
• Operates efficiently in a very fast paced and deadline driven environment
• Creative, resourceful and strategic thinker
• Excellent daily growth & impact mindset supporting goals of the department and the wider Multi-Channel Hub
• Ability to bring a positive approach to each opportunity presented for department growth
• Computer skills: knowledge of basic PC/MAC platforms, Miscrosoft Office Suite.