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Banking or Credit Card Specialist
Ref No.: 18-17407
Location: Billings/Bozeman/White Sulphur Springs, Montana
Looking for individuals in Billings/Bozeman/White Sulphur Springs, MT

Looking for someone who has worked in the bank industry in some capacity – this is a huge asset as understanding all of the terminology and how credit cards work and the process of programming terminals or software is a large undertaking of knowledge. Having this knowledge going in to this position makes for an easier transition and quicker turn around on working in the field by themselves.

Will be reimbursed for miles. Will be provided with a laptop. Approximately 2 days at home and 3 days driving.
Merchant-facing role. Merchant/payments experience preferred; ok w/ sales or business development background. Client will be providing leads. Walk into merchants to test transactions in terminals. Salesforce is nice to have. Seeing if they can accept a non-accepting merchant to an accepting merchant.
This Contractor role on the Field Solutions Team has an overall focus on engaging and enabling merchants that do not currently accept Network Cards. The role visits local merchants increasing merchant stated acceptance, and works with operations to remediate and convert small merchants to accept CLIENT Card.

- Will approach merchants so they are willing to approve form of payment
- Payments experience is a plus
- Will utilize Salesforce
Need a valid drivers license
Will be visiting merchants on behalf of client for debit acceptance
Testing terminals and placing signage
Will be trained (part of that would be riding with one of the reps)