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Material Process Operator
Ref No.: 18-17106
Location: Spring Hill, Kansas
The Material Process Operator (MPO) is responsible for the production of cat litter and may work in the Mixing and Production departments. The Mixing department is responsible for associated controls and instrumentation to transfer the raw materials to the mixing equipment and the prepared product to the packaging area. The Production department is responsible for packaging and palletizing the product. The MPO works most of the time with heavy stationary and/or moving equipment and conveyors. Concentration on the tasks at hand, as well as an awareness of the overall operation is important.

· Operating, monitoring and adjusting the equipment along the packaging lines such as
· Adding/removing supplies and/or product from line,
· Inspecting product before, during and after filling,
· Performing quality checks,
· Making equipment adjustments
· Clearing jams
· Operating the palletizer
· Entering data in computer and monitoring the instrumentation including computer
· Troubleshooting the pneumatic, mechanical and electrical equipment,
· Providing routine and preventative maintenance
· Providing housekeeping to the equipment and work area.
· Prepare reports, training manuals and conduct training sessions.

Assigned to D1 shift (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) start time of 4:30 am, end time of 5pm. 

· Must have a high school diploma or equivalency.
· Must be able to lift 50 lb. occasionally, or frequently for short periods of time.
· Must be able to work in a non-climate controlled environment.