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Bagging Machine Operator
Ref No.: 18-17082
Location: South Lansing, New York
Please note: 2 days of MSHA safety training is required.

Numbers of Openings: 5
3rd Shift Bagging Machine Operator/Production Worker

Start Date: ASAP
Duration: 3-6 months depending on workload and season
Hours: 10 pm-6 30am Sunday-Thursday - hours may be longer depending on workload. If busy, workers may be doing 10-12 hour shifts.
OT: Yes, expected. Weekends will be determined based on production needs. It will be a scheduled 5 day work week, with notice given for any weekends that will be worked. Please make sure your workers are OK with this.
Environment: Production
PPE Company will provide: Hard hats, safety glasses and reflective vests. Workers are responsible for bringin their own steel toe boots.

Job Description:
The job of the Bagger is to safely and efficiently:
• Operate both the automatic and manual bagging equipment so as to fill and seal the
sacks of salt to the specified quantity level per order specifications. This includes:
o manually palletizing bags
o manually lifting / stacking / weighing bags
o wrapping / sealing pallets of bags
o Perform housekeeping duties within the bagging and warehouse areas
o The Baggers work under the supervision and direction of the Production Supervisor.
The employee's hours will vary depending on the time of the year and the work demands in this position. Thus he / she can be scheduled to work 8 hour, 10 hour and 12 hour shifts. Thus the individual must have the attention span to stay alert and attentive during the hours of his / her shift, often times which involves performing repetitive and often times monotonous tasks, in a safe manner. When the employee is working on the semi automatic palletizing equipment, he / she must stay attentive and be able to accurately follow a regular alternating pattern for placing the sacks at each level on the pallet. When operating the automated bagging equipment, the employee must remain alert to what is occurring throughout the line to ensure the product is flowing smoothly throughout the line, to ensure the line does not jam up and quality control is maintained
o Each employee will have specific operational duties to attend to along with safety procedures specific to the tasks they are involved with. He / she must remain alert and attentive to the procedures in place to work in a safe manner. Furthermore, each employee is responsible for alerting the supervisor to any unsafe or potentially unsafe activities they encounter. He / she must know how to respond to these unsafe actions as he / she is aware of them as well as know when to go to the supervisor in charge before responding to an atypical type of process.
The Bagger must be able to work as a member of a team and as such be willing to assist the other team members with the performance of the job when requested to do so. He / she must be able to listen to, grasp and quickly respond positively to supervision and instructions. He / she must have the intellectual capabilities to learn, understand and utilize the various computer generated and operated equipment that comprises the packaging department.
o Although the individual will be assigned to work days / nights, the individual may be called upon to work additional hours as needed. This can include working weekends, holidays and overtime as assigned.
o Physically the individual must be able to independently transition to and from the ground without the aid of a stationary object, work in a variety of postures and positions including kneeling, squatting, forward flexion and crawling. The employee will have to be able to safely and efficiently climb multiple stairs, walk up and down inclines and be able to walk on snow / ice and wet level and unlevel surfaces. He / she must be able to stand / walk throughout the work day while wearing steel toed boots, hard hats and safety glasses.
o The Bagger must be able to repetitively lift and handle salt sacks that weigh up to 50 lbs.
Furthermore he / she will have to reach with both upper extremities, grab sacks of salt and slide them into place on a continuous basis.
o Although the individual is working inside a building that is protected from the weather conditions with a roof and walls the individual will be exposed to the air temperature and humidity one can reasonably expect in northern New York.