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Project Task Manager
Ref No.: 18-13387
Location: New York, New York

Critical Key Requirements

  • Relevant experience with land mobile trunked radio systems and advanced land mobile radio networks, exclusive of cellular phone
  • Relevant history of major design projects with large government agencies preferably public safety systems
  • 10+ years of relevant project management experience
  • PMP Certification


This position will act as the RF Project Task Manager (PTM) and has full responsibility for interpreting, organizing, executing and coordinating assignments. Plans and develops engineering projects concerned with unique or controversial problems which have an important effect on major company programs. This involves exploration of subject area, definition of scope and selection of problems for investigation, and development of Client concepts and approaches. Maintains liaison with individuals and units within or outside his organization with responsibility for acting independently on technical matters pertaining to his field. Registration as a licensed P.E. is preferred, but not required.

Supervision received is essentially administrative, with assignments given in terms of broad general objectives and limits.


The PTM responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
  1. Coordinate the work between all applicable parties, and ensure the project is completed in accordance with CLIENTPD budget, MRRS Schedule, quality and safety objectives.
  2. The PTM shall maintain a daily attendance log of its staff. All PTM and sub-consultant staff shall sign in and out on the attendance log on a daily basis. The PTM is responsible to maintain an up to date attendance log. A copy of the log is to be made available to the CLIENT. A copy of the attendance log shall be attached with the PTM monthly payment requisition. Attendance of all visitor's to the PTM managed locations and/or field office shall also be maintained via a visitor's log.
  3. The PTM firm shall be responsible to ensure the PTM staff is enrolled in CLIENT Railroad Track Safety Training and be issued and wear personal protective equipment while on the work sites.
  4. The PTM will prepare and maintain a comprehensive list database what will include, names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc., from the PTM firm, prime contractor, Harris, CLIENT and CLIENT Agencies.
  5. The PTM shall prepare monthly PowerPoint presentation and reports to the CLIENT on status of the contract, work progress and upcoming work. Presentations shall include whether the contract is on time and on budget and remediation efforts, when required.
  6. The PTM shall provide, maintain and update a web-based portal (SharePoint, Share File, etc.) for the uploading of all project documentation and provide access to the PTM staff, sub-consultants and CLIENT. This portal should have the ability to make an e-mail notification to each user of an uploaded document by title and document number.
  7. The PTM shall attend all MRRS meetings, including Substantial Completion and Close out meetings.
  8. The PTM shall determine the adequacy of the Contractors' personnel and equipment and the availability of materials and supplies to meet the schedule. Take appropriate action to prevent installation of Work, or furnishing of material or equipment which has not been properly approved or otherwise fails to conform to the Contractors' plans, drawings and specifications of the Construction Documents and the contract documents prepared by CLIENT.
  9. The PTM shall manage the construction and share, disseminate, and communicate information with both CLIENT and the design/build contractor through the use of an approved internet based software program application. CADD drawings and other electronic media shall be uploaded to the site for storage and collaboration purposes. The software will be provided and administered by PTM.
  10. Establish and implement procedures for communication and coordination between the PTM, CLIENT and the Contractors throughout the duration of the project schedules and conduct regularly scheduled meetings as necessary including progress meetings at least weekly where the Contractor, CLIENT and the PTM can discuss such project matters as procedures, progress of work, change orders, safety, quality, scheduling, shop drawings, permits, MBE/WBE status, environmental related items, Client resources, budget and other issues affecting the work. The PTM shall prepare the meeting agenda, advise all attendees of meeting dates, take minutes and distribute the minutes to all attendees within three business days.
  11. The PTM shall attend all design review meetings in order to be familiar with the contents of the construction documents (progress drawings, specifications, etc.) throughout the design process. The PTM shall review the preliminary and final design drawings, specifications, code reviews, basis of design and other documents prepared by the Contractors and provide written comments to the CLIENT Project Lead on compliance to the contract documents, constructability, phasing, sequencing, staging, operational issues, equipment layouts, clearances, environmental and sustainability considerations, commissioning criteria, tasks and requirements. The Contractors are not to make changes to MRRS specifications. The PTM will review and provide comments to the Commissioning Plan. In addition to and without limiting the foregoing, the PTM shall, as part of its review of the design documents identify any issues that may generate problems during construction and make any observations or raise any concerns it may have concerning the design of the structural integrity of the same.
  12. Administer the work activities of the Contractors and coordinate this work with CLIENT and the activities and responsibilities of other contractors, if any, at the work site, so as to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with budget, schedule, safety and quality contractual requirements.
  13. Develop and monitor an effective system of project cost control. Incorporate approved changes and resulting budget revisions for each change as it occurs. Develop monthly cash flow reports and forecasts identifying anticipated costs, variances between actual and budgeted, or estimated costs "as budgeted or estimated at time of award of contract.” Advise CLIENT whenever projected costs exceed budgets for each change, and revise budget and estimates accordingly.
  14. Prepare requests, as required, to applicable CLIENT departments and outside agencies such as DOT, Client, NYC DEP, Telecommunication, etc.
  15. The PTM shall ensure that the Contractors submit pre construction photos and construction photos on an ongoing basis to CLIENT. Maintain files of still photographs and videos taken by the Construction Contractors as required by construction contracts. Turn over all photographs and videos to CLIENT prior to Final Completion of the construction contracts.
  16. The PTM shall be responsible to review, comment and recommend acceptance or rejection of the Contractors' Detailed Cost Breakdown (DCB) for all items required under the construction contract. This DCB will be used to process partial payments to the Construction Contractors. CLIENT comments on the DCB including PTM comments will be forwarded to the construction Contractors.
  17. Maintain current copies of all contract drawings, specifications and operation & maintenance manuals, system manuals, spare parts list, manufacturer's warranties, test procedures, shop drawings, requests for information (RFIs), catalog cuts, as-built drawings, current MRRS schedule updates, samples, materials, equipment at the project site. The PTM will participate with CLIENT on all sample review and mockup approvals. Deliver all records to CLIENT at Final Completion of the project.
  18. Provide CLIENT with a weekly status report that will include, but not be limited to, critical contract status indicators and milestones, project progress, budgets, issues log, RFIs, claims, change orders, payments, Contractor's Quality and Safety Management programs, shop drawing submittals, employee accidents/incidents and insurance listing any non-conformance and deficiencies. The PTM shall anticipate and forecast necessary submittals ahead of time so that the approved submittals are available when necessary to progress the work in a timely manner. The PTM shall take appropriate actions with the Contractor to get the submittals made in time to support the timely progress of the work.
  19. Provide current information for updating monthly Project Status Reports, and any CLIENT/CLIENTPD Senior Management Reports for CLIENT approval. PTM shall gather all project related information necessary for the completion of these reports
  20. Inform CLIENT, in writing, regarding schedule delays such as strikes or delays by Construction Contractors' workers on site, and maintain records of same in the event of contract schedule delays and overruns. Make recommendations to CLIENT on the validity of these contract overruns. Direct the Construction Contractors to submit proper documentation in accordance to the contract for extension of time requests, and to revise his CPM baseline schedule accordingly for review and approval by CLIENT.
  21. Refer all questions of interpretation of the contract documents to CLIENT. Maintain a continuous communication and liaison with the Construction Contractors in connection with any questions or problems arising with regard to his interpretation of the contract documents.
  22. All contract information must be installed and maintained on backup external drive throughout the duration of the PTM contract.
  23. The PTM shall collect daily Client information and obtain daily from the Contractors a complete and accurate Security Daily Access Form. It is to be forwarded to CLIENT Project lead's office on a daily basis.
  24. Receive, process and coordinate with CLIENT the Contractors' requests for services from CLIENT and other City and State agencies, including but not limited to: flagging, access & protection, pre final and final inspections, utility service load letters, work trains and diversions of service, and submit such requests to CLIENT and outside agencies such as DOT, Client, NYC DEP, etc.
  25. Evaluate and advise CLIENT whether the Contractors' requests for services are reasonable. Monitor the Contractors use of these services and verify their proper and efficient use. Document the usage of these services and notify CLIENT if they exceed allowable contract amounts. Forecast requirements for flagging, work trains, and diversions for CLIENT review and approval. Reconciliation of CLIENT supplied services shall be conducted on a monthly basis between the Construction Contractors and PTM. The PTM shall monitor and validate the usage of CLIENT maintenance, operating, and sponsoring department's labor forces in performance of the project. Prepare a report to CLIENT detailing any erroneous charges by the Construction Contractors for these services.
  26. The PTM shall compile and archive daily inspection reports with progress photos and applicable documents and submit on a daily basis to CLIENT.
  27. Assign individuals from the PMO Staff to review and track as-built drawings for the entire duration of the project. It is imperative that the Contractors maintain current as built drawings during the project. Review for accuracy and accept as-built drawings and Operation and Maintenance Manuals in a timely manner.
  28. Bring to the attention of the CLIENT, in a timely manner, any change of contract requirement including revisions of drawings and/or marking changes on the shop drawings/RFIs by the contractor during the shop drawings/RFI review process. The Contractors will not be allowed to make changes to the design drawings accepted by CLIENT during design reviews without written authorization by CLIENT.
  29. The PTM is responsible for all management and administration associated with the execution of unit price and allowance provisions included in the construction contract documents

The PTM must possess the following minimum education and qualifications:
  • The PTM must have a Bachelor's Degree in RF Engineering and a minimum of fifteen (15) years of experience in managing the design and construction of a major radio communication projects. Related experience may be considered in lieu of a degree
  • Ability to understand and interpret civil, electrical and mechanical drawings
  • Experience in managing work scopes, budgets, and schedules
  • Strong technical and project coordination skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of railroad operations
  • Knowledge of Project Management scheduling, estimating and project controls
  • Knowledge of railroad construction requirements when working adjacent to railroad operations and active rail lines
  • Previous expertise and experience to assist in bringing matters to a prompt resolution as it pertains to standard engineering and construction practices
  • Knowledge of Federal Railroad Administration Roadway Worker Safety Regulation and industry safety standards (i.e., OSHA)
  • Proficient in the use of personal computers and office software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Project
  • Must possess a valid New York State driver's license
  • Must be Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) trained
The following is a list of preferred skills:
  • Professional Engineer (P.E.)
  • Knowledge of CLIENT (LIRR or MNR) organization and operations
  • Project Management skills
  • Knowledge and experience with RF communications and networks