Previous Job
Administrative Assistant
Ref No.: 18-11960
Location: Sandy Springs, Georgia
Administrative Assistant
Sandy Springs, GA
1 Year

Experience & Skills:
Accounts receivable and/or payable clerical experience, 3 years minimum
Demonstrated Word, Excel and PowerPoint proficiency
Strong organization and inter-personal skills

1. Reconcile incoming payments from different sources
2. Validate invoices from different sources
3. Assist Engineering Services departments with the following:
FedEx waybill creation
Catering requests
Guest Link Wi-Fi access requests
Office supply orders
Facility maintenance requests
Requests for toner, system access, repair.
Contact mailroom for supplies, paper, envelopes, etc.
Conference room requests and changes

Listed below are the routine administrative tasks that this position is expected to do on a daily basis. However, there are two critical aspects to this position that require that this person be astute, fast-thinking and poised under pressure. Those aspects are as follows:

1) This position acts as an intermediary with the media when complex and sensitive issues (recalls, litigation, bad news) must be managed. In these situations (which occur on a weekly basis), the AA's function is to take the journalist calls (so the PR person is not caught cold), get subject and deadline info from the reporter and then triage the calls by priority (deadline and influence of outlet). Reporters can be rude when they cannot get instant answers and this position must remain calm while fielding the calls. Other reporters will try to "talk up” the person who answers the phone and innocuous commentary by an admin has been used as a response in the past ( "the company when reached for comment appeared to be unaware....”)
2) This position deals directly with executive row both in terms of working out interview scheduling, speech logistics, etc. requiring a high level of professionalism, tact and C Suite experience.

Additional tasks may include

c. You will be asked to produce invite lists in Excel (e.g. all community partners and P invites for Grand Opening) and send these emails from a designated mailbox.
d. You will be asked to ensure that area-related tasks are coordinated by serving as point person, information source and/or project administrator
e. You will be required to learn and interpret policies and procedures clearly and accurately when responding to internal and external inquiries