SAS Developer
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SAS Developer
Ref No.: 18-11870
Location: RIVERWOODS, Illinois

Strong Tech Skills: SAS, SQL Teradata, Hadoop etc..

Develop and implement first-party fraud strategies and key performance metrics.  

2+ years analytical experience needed

• Enhance new and existing credit risk management strategies geared towards credit bust out activity. • Leverage data manipulation tools, such as SAS, Teradata, Hadoop and etc. and statistical studies as decision tree, link analysis, machine learning, neutral network, text mining and etc. for strategy development and enhancement. • Leverage statistical studies and data mining skills to prevent credit abuse or credit bust out by identifying synthetic IDs. • Leverage customer level information, transaction level information, internal and external information to develop strategies regarding to credit bust out behavior. • Research of potential, existing and new credit bust out behavior and utilize related findings to credit bust out strategy development. • Facilitate end-to-end development and implementation process with BT Security and operational teams to ensure accuracy and soundness of execution. • Validate implemented credit bust out strategies by leveraging advanced SAS and statistical skills for post-installment performance. • Collaborate with operational team for execution concerns and improvement. • Leverage advanced analytical skills to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the working process for operational team. • Promote a risk-aware culture, ensuring efficient and effective risk and compliance management practices by adhering to required standards and processes.