Test Kitchen Recipe Tester
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Test Kitchen Recipe Tester
Ref No.: 18-11851
Location: Glenview, Illinois
Test Kitchen Recipe Tester

Test Kitchen Recipe Tester is responsible for performing quality assurance testing on content produced by others on the Culinary team. They may also be responsible for assisting in food preparation for food photography.
The Test Kitchen Recipe Tester works under the guidance of the Culinary Manager/Director. They are responsible for preparing recipes and validating the preparation instructions. They will present the recipe along with observations and any commentary to the Culinary team. They may be required to enter any changes or modifications into our proprietary recipe system.
• Ability to juggle writing and cooking tasks in a fast-paced, deadline-driven team environment where priorities can shift quickly.
• Solid demonstrated ability to prepare and evaluate recipes with an eye to being able to offer critique and opportunities for improvement if necessary.
• Comfort with both savory and sweet cooking methods, proficient in all classic culinary techniques.
• Self-starter with independence, initiative, and a drive to succeed, as well as strong organizational skills and can-do approach to problem solving
• Effective communicator with ability to present findings in a group setting
• Good writing skills, strong attention to detail, and proficiency in balancing both the creative and technical aspects of recipe creation.
• Ability to master the test kitchen's well-established editorial voice and nutritional guidelines.
• Ability to build relationships and work across multiple departments, in a team setting.
• Ability to work cooperatively and comfortably in an environment in which decisions are more often made by the group than by the individual.

• Certificate or Degree from an accredited culinary arts program (or equivalent).
• Minimum of 2 years cooking experience with test kitchen experience preferred.
• BA/BS degree.
• Food styling assistance experience a plus.