Previous Job
Warehouse Worker II
Ref No.: 18-11315
Location: Buffalo, Iowa
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
The position involves physically able to bend, stoop, shovel, sweep, climb stairs and ladders, opening and closing valves, and operating/driving/riding/maneuvering of forklifts (minimally, sometimes about twice a day, they are not operating a forklift 8 hours a day) . Lifting of product and tools up to 50 lbs. at various heights. General cleanup duties in the warehouse and shipping areas are required. Must pass a background check, drug screen and medical fit for duty. 

Required Qualification: 
• Must have a valid Driver's License 
• Ability to read, write, and speak English 
• Must be able to work under special work conditions, such as extreme heat or cold 
Min. High School/GED 
• Able to operate a forklift. 
• Demonstrated attention to detail and strong follow-through capabilities 

Other duties as assigned may include: 

• Sitting 
• Walking 
• Works with others 
• Standing 
• Bending (neck) 
• Shift work 
• Bending (waist) 
• Extended day 
• Squatting 
• Cold 
• Climbing 
• Heat 
• Kneeling 
• Temperature changes 
• Wet 
• Twisting (neck) 
• Humid 
• Twisting (waist) 
• Noise 
• Hand Use: 
• Dominant hand 
• Confined area 
• Is repetitive use of hand required? 
• High places 
• Simple Grasping (right hand) 
• Work outdoors 
• Simple Grasping (left hand) 
• Work indoors 
• Mechanical hazards 
• Power Grasping (left hand) 
• Electrical hazards 
• Fine Manipulation (right hand) 
• Explosive materials 
• Fine Manipulation (left hand) Fumes 
• Pushing & Pulling (right hand) 
• Odors 
• Pushing & Pulling (left hand) 
• Dusts 
• Reaching (above shoulder level) 
• Mists 
• Reaching (below shoulder level) 
• Gases 
• Sitting 
• Poor ventilation 
• Walking 
• Other