Admitting Worker/Financial Counselor
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Admitting Worker/Financial Counselor
Ref No.: 18-10958
Location: San Francisco, California
Under the supervision of the Admissions and Financial Counseling Supervisor, the Principal Admitting Worker is generally assigned a primary work unit, but may rotate or be assigned to any patient access area or site as outlined in departmental expectations. With the primary assignment area being financial clearance of accounts, screening and assigning patient liabilities, securing deposits on self-pay accounts and collecting patient expected liability on routine/elective admissions, securing authorizations, performing price estimation, active daily management of Discharge not Billed accounts (DNB) and responding to financial counseling inquiry line. The responsibilities also include: greeting patients/families, patient identification, check-in and interviewing and registering patients. The registration process includes gathering demographic and financial information, cash collection and accurately documenting account in APeX. The Principal Admitting Worker must understand their role and be able to provide superior customer service while consistently demonstrating and maintaining a high degree of professionalism. He or she is required to utilize a variety of hospital information systems to effectively communicate with patients, families and visitors and to respond to inquiries in a proactive, efficient and positive manner. This position requires cross-training in Financial Counseling and assisting with Senior Admitting Worker's functions as needed. The Principal Admitting Worker must comply with all guidelines put forth by the Medical Center Policies and Procedure.

of time
Essential Function (Yes/No)
Key Responsibilities
(To be completed by Supervisor)
20 Verifies insurance eligibility and benefits with third party payers
15 Obtains authorizations for services working with physician's office staff and review organizations as required.
10 Performs patient cost estimates utilizing current system and physicians/patient information.
10 Collects estimated patient liability.
10 Answers Financial Counseling (FC) main line and respond to inquiries.
5 Greets patients and families, coordinates admission check-in and completes admissions registration.
5 Verifies patients' identity and enters 2 patient identifier data in Apex following Medical Center protocol.
5 Completes admission process for patients in the Emergency room that need to be admitted.
5 Completes Bedside interview and secures required documentation.
5 Cancel or defer routine/elective admissions or outpatient procedures in accordance with
financial policy.
2 Track all expected patient arrivals throughout the day using admission lists and communicating with nursing areas. Coordinates bed placement for patients.
2 Coordinate interpreters and facilitate use of 2 way interpreting phones for patients and providers when needed.
2 Keeps patient informed and routinely updated of their wait time, updates or surgical results and cancellation to promote a patient centered environment.
2 Escalates high risk cases to Admissions Supervisor/Manager.
2 Provides on-the-job training support for new staff.