Line Wrap Associate: M Shift/Night Shift
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Line Wrap Associate: M Shift/Night Shift
Ref No.: 18-10875
Location: Fremont, California
M Shift (starting 5/28): Wed-Fri 6pm - 6am
M Shift (starting 6/6): Mon, Tues, Sat and Sun 6pm - 6am
M Shift (starting 6/12): Wed-Fri 6pm - 6am
*The M shift schedule rotates every week according to the aforementioned schedule*

Associates will be driving cars a short distance to a tent area where they will be wrapping cars to prepare them to be delivered to customers
  • Tier 3 physicality (getting in/out of cars, kneeling, wrapping, cutting wrap, covering vehicles)
  • Work week ends on a Sunday
  • Meal break is 35 minutes w/ two 15 minute breaks