Business Application Services Manager
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Business Application Services Manager
Ref No.: 18-10822
Location: Santa Clara, California
Senior Applications Program Manager
Santa Clara, CA
12 Months

They need a self-starter who takes ownership and accountability and deliver on what they say they'll do. Be proactive. And have satisfaction by working in the Public Sector and enjoy helping people. I.e. someone where Money isn't the only/most important thing. They want someone to take investment in their work and job to make everyone's life better in the Santa Clara community.

They will:
  • Manage vendor relationships
  • Have customer control of the relationship
  • They need to be able to talk about what the client wants and needs for their organization
  • Applications experience and understand the applications architecture in the background and how it integrates with other applications
  • They can't have blinders on regarding only what's in their job description. Person might be wearing multiple hats outside the JD we have.
  • Know which application system is more important to the client and the business impact of the applications (knowing which one where you sound the alarm and get everyone up in the middle of the night to fix versus it can get done/fixed over the next business day or two). Not everything is always urgent and can wait until the next day.
  • Integration and understand the building blocks to be implemented correctly.
  • They will manage 12 people directly – diverse population and diverse product populations
  • Focus on methodology and testing
  • Be able to work with people and vendors to get the work done
  • Experience with ERP/PeopleSoft implementations
    • And understanding how they fit into the technical and business architecture.
  • Need to know the logic and understanding of the components to an applications