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Sample Lab Technician I
Ref No.: 18-10667
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Sample Lab Technician I
Jacksonville, FL
12 Month Contract
8am to 5pm

Do you have a knack for using power equipment such as table saws and hand tools? Would you enjoy cutting sheets for color samples to support the national color lab? This role is supporting an awesome team of individuals that love the amazing world of color matching and blending. The place is busy and there's plenty of work to be done.

In this role, the selected individual will serve in a hands-on capacity to assist with numerous unique functions as outlined below:
1) Draw up 5-gallon buckets into quarts or other weights as needed. Fill shelves for stock. Must be able to lift max 70 lb. buckets. Must be able to utilize the scale for MasterProtect products in kilograms.
2) Solidification of color product on a daily or as needed basis to ensure zero clutter and a safe environment.
3) Disposal of solidified products in dumpster as well as other warehouse trash cans or debris as needed.
4) Receive of materials at back docks and doors daily (FedEx, etc..)
5) Put away inventory that is received. Such inventory will include items such as five-gallon palletized pails that will need to go into the appropriate warehouse space. (lifting of heavy product required)
6) Cut sample materials Permalath 1000 and Diamondshield and subsequently stuffing them in appropriate mailers.
7) Assist with assembling and cutting of sprayed Senershield for mailing purposes.
8) Assist with housekeeping assignments such as changing lightbulbs, ladder assistance, or sweeping and vacuuming back area, i.e. after solidifying product.
9) Print labels for quarts that will be shelved in proper area.
10) Assist with color lab box up or label daily shipping orders.
11) Use of hand tools and table saw highly desirable as this will be a huge asset to the team