Admitting Worker
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Admitting Worker
Ref No.: 18-10086
Location: Emeryville, California
Under the supervision of the Admission and Financial Counseling Supervisor in collaboration with Patient Care Unit Manager, the Admitting Worker is generally assigned a primary work unit, but may rotate or be assigned to any area or site as outlined in the Admitting Department Expectations. Responsible for greeting, patient check-in, registering patients, and coordinating escort upon arrival for services and/or after triage by the nurse. The registration process includes gathering financial and demographic information and entering it into the computer system quickly and accurately. Must understand their role and be able to provide superior customer service and maintain a high degree of professionalism. He or she is required to utilize a variety of hospital information systems to effectively communicate with patients and visitors and to effectively respond to inquiries. The Admitting Representative must comply with all guidelines put forth by the Medical Center Policies and Procedure

Key Responsibilities
0 Greet patients and families. Coordinate admission check-in and complete admissions registration.
0 Log patients as they check-in and provide information to any patient/family inquires
0 Responsible for printing the next day's surgical report, and/or retrieving Fast Track Report.
0 Complete the admission process for patients in the Emergency room that need to be admitted.
0 Interviews patients to confirm patient demographic information and financial insurance data
0 Receives and relays messages from patients, families and staff to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner
0 Maintains and updates Medical Center service and staff on-call board as needed.
0 Dismantles patient chart and prepares for delivery to Medical Records in a timely manner. Ensures completion of medical records.
0 Schedules procedures, tests, and x-rays utilizing knowledge of the procedure and specific departments' functions to avoid conflict and disruption in scheduling.
0 Admits newborns and completes appropriate material for the ICN as needed
0 Verify patients identity and enter 2 patient identifier data in Apex following Medical Center protocol.
0 Act as liaison for paitents and various departments conducting clinical trials or protocols. Engages patient in discussion and or data collection.
0 Adhere to red flag protocol, refer Red Flag Alerts to Admitting supervisor
0 Confirm and document in Apex patient's family/friend/designee and preferred language for updates from OR or physician
0 Coordinate communication between all applicable medical center units and physicians with patients, family, and approved visitors.
0 CSC check-in to include verbal discussion of Pediatric Patient NPO, and Health Assessment Status data collection, documentation, and reporting to Pre-op. Facilitate appropriate follow up if NPO/Health Assessment status is not within acceptable guidelines.
0 Obtains authorizations for services working with physician's office staff and review organizations as required.
0 Verifies insurance eligibility and benefits and enters data including authorization in the registration and insurance verification screens.
0 Coordinate bed placement in collaboration with Central Patient Placement (CPP)
0 Provides on-the-job training for new staff.
0 Keep patient informed and routinely updated of their wait time, updates or surgical results and cancellation to promote a patient centered environment
0 Responsible for coordinating access to additional resources for patients/families and visitors when needed (ie: patient relations, spiritual care services, social work and community services).
0 Responsible for collaborating with Benioff Children's Hospital representatives (ie: CSC charge nurse, Child Life Specialist, etc) to address special needs of pediatric patients.
0 Distribute available amenities to patients and visitors when appropriate (ie: DVD's, CD's, books, puzzles, magazines, games and toys, blankets and pillows).
0 Coordinate interpreters and facilitate use of 2 way interpreting phones for patients and providers when needed.
0 Coordinate with support departments to keep areas clean and presentable at all times. Participate in daily upkeep and straightening rounds of multiple patient waiting areas, daily and weekly disinfecting of children related amenities under the guidance of Child Life Specialist adhering to the Benioff Children's Hospital Infection Control Policies.
0 Registers patients for specialized outpatient services such as (ONB) status, Ambulatory surgery, and outpatient lab as needed.