Ref No.: 18-09703
Location: Toccoa, Georgia
1-3 years Experience in role. Sorting and Checking, Inspection, Tool-Related Assembly, Logging Production (if job requires comparable math skills). Sets up and operates conventional and special purpose machines and machining centers to fabricate or repair various kinds of metallic and nonmetallic parts, tools or equipment. Skillfully uses machine tools, hand tools, and measuring instruments. May need to be familiar with the metric measuring system. Understands machine shop theory, metallurgy, mathematics, and can read blueprints.

Primary Functions:
• Use existing CNC programs
• Set up and produce acceptable first articles, within tolerances and conditions as
indicated on the blueprints, routers (RPS), and sketches, on all machinery and/or hand tooling
• Set up and operate one or more of the following: CNC lathe, Radax, trim & roll equipment,
manual lathe, CNC mill, manual mill
• Operate sizer and hand deburr
• Read and interpret all prints, sketches, RPS instructions, QAPs, QCPs, and all special
instructions that pertain to parts processed in the area
• Achieve and maintain self-inspection status
• Determine when a machine or tool is not operating safety and correctly
• Know all setup procedures, the problems that can occur, and the correct procedure to
eliminate the problem
• Properly fill out all paperwork as required and accurately input data into computer system
• Achieve and maintain acceptable job efficiency
• Provide training instruction as required
• Set up for others
• Adhere to work instructions and standard work
• Follow all MESH processes and procedures
• Other duties as assigned