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eFX Portfolio Salesperson
Ref No.: 18-09495
Location: New York, New York

We are looking for someone with 3-5 years of experience, EXCELLENT communication skills
someone with client facing skills, attention to detail and good organizations skills. this has to be someone they can put infront of clients and can interface with traders
someone with market eSales experience would be ideal. They will train the resource on the products but they need someone with some understanding of markets (either in school or work experience)

General Information
Global Portfolio Sales is part of the broader Foreign Exchange & Local Markets business. We provide Institutional Clients with a best-in-class electronic offering to facilitate their foreign exchange market information, trading, reporting and analytics requirements. Portfolio Sales Clients have access to our thought leaders for Research and Commentary through our award winning Client Velocity portal.

Position Objective
Portfolio Sales clients are dispersed across client various multi-dealer and ECN platforms. The objective of the Portfolio Sales team is to provide platform marketing and client training, ensuring a seamless transition for clients to electronic channels. The team will work to ensure all clients are logging in to the platform to consume content, and to convert at least 50% of the clients to electronic trading. The Portfolio Sales team will carry out a client survey as part of their marketing effort, and will be gauged against a series of key performance indicators including client satisfaction and activation rates.
Key Responsibilities:
1. Demo of electronic trading platform.
2. Introduction to electronic trading functionality for products such as:
a. Spot
b. Forwards
c. Swaps
d. Vanilla options
3. Cross sell other eFX products where appropriate (NDFs, algorithmic orders, etc.)
4. Engage clients to better understand what products would enhance their execution experience such as:
a. Transaction Cost Analysis
b. Command Center
c. Straight through processing
5. Conduct a client survey to better understand e-FX trading trends in the institutional client space
6. Map out all FX buying centers and users in the client organization
7. Demo our proprietary research portal client website.
a. Gather feedback on current content clients are consuming today (weekly emails, event specials etc.)
8. Engage clients to better understand what content they want to receive in emails and/or see on the portfolio sales website
9. Regularly follow up with clients to gauge their satisfaction and to ensure successful continuous log in and trading
10. Promptly resolve and attend to client questions on electronic FX trading
11. Report metrics around key objectives

Undergraduate degree
3-5 years of work experience
Prior Markets sales experience a plus

Strong interpersonal skills
Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills