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GEOG - Manufacturing Technician II
Ref No.: 18-09020
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Electrical Assembler
Longmont, CO
9 Months

Candidates should have some knowledge or experience reading and using electrical and blueprint drawings. However, candidates with good aptitude & work ethics, a can-do personality, willingness to learn, and the drive to do their best at work would also be considered for this job. These candidates should at least have some level of production experience.

Job Description
You will be working with the Supply Chain manufacturing assembly team mounting components, pulling the wires and connecting the wire to the components installed in these cabinets. You will be working with multiple wire gauges sizes from 20 to 10 gauge, along with multiple connector cables, cables, cat 5 cables, power supplies, circuit boards, terminal blocks, etc. the product cabinets vary in size from a wall mounted 1ft x 1ft box to a 4ft x 6ft cabinet connected together with 2 or 3 more cabinets.

An example day on the job:
Arrive as scheduled on time and make sure you have your proper personnel safety equipment on before entering the production floor.
You will be working on a variety of tasks that include some of the follows:
• Assembly operations: installation of components like power supplies, filters, terminal blocks, circuit breakers and switches.
• Wire Prep operations: Crimping, Wire stripping, cutting, pulling, bundling marking with wire labels the wires and cables.
• Wire termination: Connecting the wire to the components, routing the wire and cables in nice looking orderly fashion, checking tightness, wire and wire label accuracy, quality workmanship.
• Rework: during the testing process changes come up and you will have to remove, add and or replace wires and components.

Additional requirements:

Drawing Knowledge:
Having some knowledge and experience reading and using electrical and blueprint drawings, have the ability to visualize from the drawing what you're building.

Physical stamina:
Some of the physical needs for the work are as follows:
You will be standing on your feet for 8 to 10 hours a day some sitting, frequent stooping, bending, reaching and climbing step stools or ladders while working in the cabinet. You need to be capable of lifting up to 40 lbs.

Location and Hours:
Job is located at 1800 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO.
Core hours are 7:00 to 3:30 but most production people work 6:00 to 2:30 for an 8 hour day. When over time is needed we require 10 hours Monday thru Friday and 5 on Saturday's some adjustments can be made in case by case need. Some assembler pushes the start time up to 5:00 am. When working overtime.

Presently we are working overtime and have been for a while now and see it continuing in the future for now.

Safety shoes required - we do have shoe covers but it is best to have your own shoes.

Safety Glasses with side shields are required - we have safety glasses for you and if you wear contacts, but if you only have prescription glasses you will have to use a pair safety glasses over them, this isn't the most comfortable but it works

You will be responsible for personnel compliance to the Environment, Health and Safety along with reporting any safety issues etc.

We will provide the tools needed.
You will use multiple hand tools for wiring screw drives, wire crimper, cutters, etc.
Good manual dexterity; steady hands to work with hand tools, parts and wiring.
You like working with tools and your hands. (Not computer types)

Team work:
You will be working in a team environment.
You need to flexible, effective under changing conditions and with different changing tasks, responsibilities and people.
Willing to listen and follow directions.
Dependable, sets high goals for attendance and on-time performance.

You effectively give and receive information in verbal and written formats in a variety of circumstances.
You're able to communicate in English.
We require organizational and self-motivated skills, can keep on task.
Always learning and improving quality and productivity.
Leadership you're actively involved in establishing and achieving team goals while respecting the feelings, needs and varying viewpoints of others.

Quality :
You're required to pay attention to details.
You're inspecting as you assemble ensuring the accuracy of tasks and processes to maintain consistent quality of outputs.
You're required to bring up quality concerns.