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Production Specialist
Ref No.: 18-08226
Location: San Diego, California
Sr. Production Lead (Contract to Hire)

2nd Shift (Start times vary from 3pm - 6pm and will work 8 hour shifts.)

Under minimum supervision, the Senior Production Lead follows instructions from the Production Supervisor to accomplish all tasks for meeting production schedules while complying with safety and QA and USDA regulations. Sets up and operates machinery and completes assigned paperwork and reports.

Production and Assembly, Packaging
1. Leads production lines and their daily operations to ensure production goals are met or exceeded and the on-time delivery of products (may be assigned to any production line as needed).
2. Participates in daily operations meetings.
3. Reviews BPICs, prints BOM, and keeps product specifications and formulas on hand for reference and ensures compliance for each scheduled product.
4. Ensures needed ingredients/materials are delivered prior to and during operation runs.
5. Lifts and mixes ingredients and prepares fillings and sauces following BOM, HACCP, SSOPs, GMP, and USDA regulations as assigned (may lift items up to 50 pounds and engage in strenuous mixing of ingredients).
6. Assists assembly/packaging line workers, as assigned or needed.
7. Sets up and operates equipment prior to production to ensure they are functioning properly, may assist Production Supervisor in determining optimum layout of machines to meet production goals.
8. Serves as backup for Production Supervisor, as necessary.
Coordination of Work Assignments
1. Reviews operator assignments and ensures they are at designated stations on time and ready for work.
2. Assists Production Supervisor in resolving operator assignment issues.
3. Manages station breaks/rotation schedules.
Equipment Troubleshooting
1. Conducts initial troubleshooting, corrects minor problems, and notifies appropriate personnel of problems cannot correct.
2. Assists in resolving any issues involving production (e.g. downtime, staffing, quality, maintenance, safety).
1. Ensures assigned production team(s) are aware of and adhere to the plant's safety guidelines, policies, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and Maintenance Food Safety Program, promotes a safe work environment and implements safety initiatives as directed.
2. Assists in accident investigations and the resolution of issues.
Control Costs
1. Recommends measures to improve routine maintenance, production efficiencies, operational effectiveness, equipment performance, and safety in all assigned areas and shifts.
2. Completes production runs in a timely manner meeting or exceeding pre-established deadlines to reduce downtime and meet production goals.
3. Recommend measures to improve production efficiencies, operational effectiveness, and equipment performance.
Training & Development
1. Assigns new operators to experienced operators who are responsible for training personnel on specific equipment and/or machines.
Product Quality
1. Ensures QA and USDA guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards are met or exceeded by implementing and reinforcing quality initiatives.
2. Stops production line, if necessary to ensure compliance with established guidelines, policies, and procedures.
3. Conducts HACCP, metal detector, and quality inspections and completes HACCP, SSOP, and other forms.
4. Follows established reporting procedures, if foreign object is detected in product.
Production Reporting
1. Records detailed downtime information with root cause analysis on appropriate forms.
2. Ensures daily, weekly, and monthly records are accurately maintained.
1. Interprets and takes ownership of GMPs and food safety company standards.
2. Must be able to provide recall information for raw material usage as well as disposals.
3. Coordinate with Quality Assurance on any product placed or released from hold status, raw materials as well as finished product.
4. Participate in the QRMP yearly audit and assist in the development of procedures and corrective actions.
5. Accountable for the QRMP (Quality Risk Management Process) system and operational standards as outlined in the plant accountability list in order to achieve targeted RCR.
Manufacturing Playbook
1. Participates in the implementation of the factory's playbook , especially in the pillar assigned to the department, to ensure successful completion of all checklist items/actions within the playbook.

The Senior Production Lead must possess knowledge of and understand the following:
• Best practices relating to the start up, setup, and operation of machines and equipment on production lines to which assigned.
• Daily production schedules and goals.
• Skills and abilities of Operators on assigned shift(s) and lines and their work hours.
• Plant's safety and quality guidelines, policies, procedures, environmental regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and Maintenance Food Safety Program.
• How to interpret and use product specifications and formulas, BPICs, BOM, HACCP, SSOP and USDA regulations.
• Conditions that warrant stopping a production line and the process for doing so.
• Process for ordering needed ingredients/materials.
• Process for conducting HACCP, metal detector, and quality inspections.
• Basic troubleshooting and root cause analysis.
• Quality improvement strategies and methods.
• How to complete appropriate quality forms.
• Proper recording of downtime.
• Proper reporting procedures.
• Assembly/packing processes and procedures.

The incumbent must be able to learn the following within 6 months on the job:
• Basic materials flow and physical layout of machines.
• HACCP, SSOPs, GMPs, and USDA regulations.
• Basic coaching and one-on-one training processes, and supervision.

The Senior Production Lead must possess the following skills:
• Lead teams of co-workers in completing production runs in a timely manner meeting or exceeding pre-established deadlines while complying with safety and quality standards.
• Assign Operators, manage breaks, and ensure lower level Operators are properly trained.
• Inspect, set up, test and operate assigned equipment and most machines, tools, etc. within areas of responsibility.
• Safely reposition equipment/machines to meet production requirements.
• Demonstrate proper and safe operation of machines within assigned areas of responsibility.
• Language Skills: Comfortable conversing in intermediate English and/or Spanish (bi-lingual preferred).
• BASIC mathematical skills (i.e., add, subtract, divide, multiply).
• Lift and mix ingredients weighing up to 50 pounds in a safe manner.
• Troubleshoot minor machine and equipment problems and conduct a root cause investigation.
• Assist with accident investigations.
• Conduct various kinds of quality inspections.
• Enter data into forms/computers.

The Senior Production Lead must possess the following minimal education and experience:
• High school graduate or equivalent.
• One year work experience in a food manufacturing operation.
• One year experience working with computer-aided production equipment/machines.
• Six months experience as lead worker or team lead in a food manufacturing operation including scheduling and/or assigning workers.
• Six months experience assisting in troubleshooting and resolving production problems and/or issues.
• Two years experience working in a bi-lingual (Spanish-English) food production environment.

• Six months experience conducting HACCP and Quality inspections.