Entrepreneur in Residence
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Entrepreneur in Residence
Ref No.: 18-08015
Location: LIC, New York
Title: Entrepreneur in Residence
ContractL 12-18 months

Client's programme is a strategic growth initiative building lean startups inside Client. These startups span consumer bank, credit cards and mortgages, all the way into our institutional clients group, corporate and investment banks, and our trade and treasury services. The potential for huge transformation of all kinds of financial services is at the heart of what we do.

With over 200 internal Client teams already accelerated through the programme, we are now looking for additional Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) to join our existing team of 14 EIRs across New York, London, and Singapore. (Client is headquartered in California with offices in New York and London.)

The role of the EIR was popularized in The Lean Startup, and many of the principles of that book are central to the way the programme operates today. All candidates will be expected to know the strengths and weaknesses of lean startup at a deep level, and to be able to apply the theory and hands-on tactics of lean startup with their teams.

A Client EIR works across a number of internal, multi-disciplinary teams of varying seniority, helping take ideas from genesis to launch, and beyond. The programme is structured around well-defined stages of progress modelled on real-world startup stages and VC investments.

Almost always coming from a startup background, Client EIRs apply what they have learned as founders and early-stage employees at startups, and help "bring the outside in” to Client.

Our EIRs have a unique mix of skills, experience, soft skills, and domain expertise that they bring to each of the projects in their portfolio. They have worked in tech and startups for the past 15+ years.

On the experience side we look for EiRS who have founded, or co-founded, at least one startup; have hands-on product management; have experienced VC pitches on either side of the table; have a background in VC or financial services; and who have agency or consulting background. We find the best results come when this experience is paired with mentoring and/or teaching know-how, and great communication skills including public speaking and running outstanding workshops.

In terms of skills, we look for our EiRs to have strengths in customer development ; running design sprints; business modeling; stakeholder management; analytics and research; operations and strategy; negotiation and deal structuring, as well as the hands-on ability to operate at all levels in a (mainly) tech startup.

On a day to day basis, the EIRs are expected to help the teams rapidly learn and internalize how startups think and behave, and provide teaching and support to areas that are unfamiliar and intimidating to our founders.

Above all our EIRs are credible yet humble leaders, bringing what it takes to support their teams; operating in a lot of uncertainty; and at pace. They have outstanding written, verbal and general communication skills. They are great listeners. They are equally comfortable with their sleeves rolled up or in a board room, taking responsibility for increasing the quality, outcomes and deliverables of their teams as they progress through the D10X programme.