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Ref No.: 18-07858
Location: Austin, Texas
Administrative Assistant
Austin, TX
3 Month Contract

The Exception Resolution Specialist is responsible for electronic filing of exception documents. An exception document is a document that cannot be automatically filed and must be reviewed and filed by a resolution specialist. A specialist carefully reviews exception documents, consults the appropriate reference files, and files the documents after identifying exception reason. 

The nature and scope of influence a position has on its area of responsibility/operation and its level of contribution. (List and describe the position's key responsibilities in order of importance, and indicate the approximate percentage of time spent on the responsibility. For each, describe in simple terms what the job holder must do to accomplish the main purpose of the job and the amount of direction that is required to perform the job duties.)

1. Provide filing of exception policy documents – 70%
a. Communicate resolution by using templates or following standardized processes
b. Process backlog exception policy documents as needed
2. Manage work via carrier spreadsheets or other tracking methods – 10%
a. Identify and communicate volume/capacity risks prior to shift end
3. Participate in team meetings, when scheduled – 10%
a. Communicate issues to the Supervisor immediately to ensure swift resolution
4. Participate in other projects/activities as needed (i.e. onboarding new volumes, testing applicable systems, etc.) - 10%

Indicate the primary internal and external contacts with whom the position interacts on a regular and recurring basis, and the purpose/nature of the relationship. Who/For What

Internal Company Communication
Client Teams Communicating Exception Filings, Answering Ad-hoc questions

Describe the position's key responsibilities on how the role identifies, develops and makes improvements to new ideas, techniques, procedures, services, or products. 
1 Work with Supervisor to identify area for improving standardized processes.
2 Identify technology related issues and escalation for prompt resolution
3 Position is required to maintain individual quality and productivity requirements
4 Must maintain excellent attendance and employee record