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OSP Engineer - II
Ref No.: 18-07496
Location: Bay Shore, New York
ENGINEER -This individual is a Telecommunications Professional and must be capable of engineering routine and specific outside plant work orders, both distribution and feeder. Must be capable of providing administrative and field support to the outside plant work forces. 5-7 years of experience

Outside Plant Engineer - Nassau County

This position is for an Outside Plant Engineer (OSP) to work on the conditional open for sale business addresses that sales gives us for potential Telecommunication customers. Each day the engineer will scrub the list from Sales of potential Telecommunication business customers and determine how we can provide Telecommunication service to them. Engineering prints will have to be drawn in ICGS and sent to our Construction team for them to build. Conversations with the customer will be needed and a site survey of the property to identify how Verzion will provide Telecommunication service.

1. Good speaking skills with customers.
2. Understand Telecommunication Outside Plant terminology, equipment and facilities. 3 years' experience.
3. Create prints in ICGS for handoff to our Construction team. 1 year experience.
4. Understand vBuild, iVAPP, PARs, CCP. 1 year experience.
5. Understand how Telecommunication is designed and how to bring it into buildings. 1 year experience.

1. A former Telecommunication OSP engineer who can design Telecommunication builds to business addresses.
2. Be able to design jobs in ICGS.
3. Understand iVAPP, vBuild, NTAS, CCP.

A Bachelor's degree in a technical field would be desirable.

The work day is 8:00 to 5:00 but it could start at 7:00 and end at 4:00. Weekend work is not required. The person does not have to be "on call " after the work day.