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Data Entry Clerk
Ref No.: 18-06837
Location: Piscataway, New Jersey
Data Entry Clerk
Piscataway, NJ
2 Months

Job Description Data recorded on paper forms during a clinical study has to be transcribed into electronic format to allow for comprehensive statistical analyses. The following two steps will have to be performed for this job: • Data entry into electronic forms (MS Excel; templates will be provided) • Data validation, i.e. double-checking the entered data to rule out any mistakes during data entry Note: The applicants will be responsible for data entry and validation only, statistical analysis of the data is not required. Other • We have estimated the total number of work hours to complete data entry and validation with approx. 450-500 (i.e. 225-250 per person). • Computer and software will be provided

Requirements • Proficient in Microsoft Excel with accurate data entry skills • Excellent keyboarding skills • High degree of accuracy, diligence and attention to detail are paramount – seemingly small mistakes during data entry have the potential to significantly alter the results of this clinical study • Comfortable dealing with significant amounts of study data • Experience with computers, typing, database management skills Education • No particular educational background required • Background in mathematical, computer sciences or software development preferred

• Background in mathematical, computer sciences or software development preferred