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Accounts Payable Specialist
Ref No.: 18-06357
Location: San Francisco, California
The Accounts Payable Processor is responsible for processing vendor invoices daily for timely payment; to help resolve and respond to customers' complaints and disputes; and assist with other department responsibilities.
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40 Process and evaluate vendor invoices daily by using the PMM and PFM software systems. While keying invoices, examine each for compliance with the assigned authorizing Purchase Order and overall A/P system guidelines. If necessary, electronically communicate required revisions to the original purchasing agent for action. Processors are responsible for accurate financial disbursement information so that departmental statements reflect the most available and current business information for accounting reports. Also, Processors ensure that the Medical Center maintains an outstanding relationship with key suppliers. Critical to this function is to make sure processed invoices stay within suppliers' payment terms while simultaneously meeting Medical Center fiscal deadlines and goals. Successful operation of these function takes into account appropriate payment discounts, tax accruals, freight charges, etc.
10 Respond to vendor and department inquiries using PMM or PFM. Resolve customers' complaints and disputes in a professional manner. Monitor discrepant invoices, receipt of goods or services, and then recommend solutions. Work to minimize outside vendor credit holds, promptly answer vendor inquiries to prevent a backlog of calls, report emergency checks and other situations requiring supervisory intervention. Research departmental A/P ledger requests and inform the supervisor of needed journal entries.
30 Open and distribute mail daily, as determined by the monthly and yearly business cycles. Process US and campus mail deliveries twice daily, date stamp, and then distribute to designated A/P employees Organize and then prepare check payment distribution according to particular mailing needs of the recipients, private vendors, Medical Center employees, and patients.
10 Serve as a backup for operating the daily bar code labels program. Each has a unique voucher number and is generated daily for every 3 way matched invoice. Prepare invoices for electronic file imaging. These labels must be accounted for and affixed to the corresponding invoices.
5 Review and balance the daily user report to avoid any errors before any check payments are issued. The default tax status is not always correct, i.e., California Current Option. The processor must determine the tax status for a large variety of medical supplies and numerous out of state vendors.
5 Evaluate and take corrective action on weekly reports generated from PMM, i.e., Discrepant, Approved, Draft Discrepant, Draft Approved, and Draft Input Status.