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Ref No.: 18-05665
Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Developer/Software Engineer
Lake Buena Vista
18+ Month Contract

CONTRACTED WORKER Responsibilities

In Projects assigned to CONTRACTED WORKER by WDAT, CONTRACTED WORKER will plan, design, configure, tune, implement and provide break/fix Services for web-based applications, operating systems, load balancers and middleware stacks within WDAT's complex data centers and network environment. For each Project assigned to CONTRACTED WORKER by WDAT, CONTRACTED WORKER will perform such tasks as, but not limited to, the follow in conformance with the requirements provided by WDAT

1. Configure management frameworks using WDAT-provided tools like Chef.
2. Perform load balancing related activities, including, but not limited to, setting up resource pools, virtual servers or virtual IPs ( "VIP”s), application layer (layer 7) routing, and debugging.
3. Manage communications between requestors of provisioning or configuration services and the implementers of those services when they are handled outside of WDAT.
4. Provide Services to assist WDAT in designing, testing, and implementing basic automation workflows for deployments and operational activities.
5. Provide Services to assist WDAT in problem analysis and resolution twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week.
6. Resolve system and application Incidents.
7. Identify and propose system and application fixes for WDAT approval to resolve performance bottlenecks.
8. Evaluate new application requirements for capacity and run-time best practices ( "New Application Requirements”).
9. Evaluate new system and/or infrastructure solutions for technical feasibility against WDAT Requirements and standards ( "System/Infrastructure Solutions”).
10. Create system and production support documentation, adhering to WDAT standards (System and Production Support Documentation”).
11. Attend meetings as required by the WDAT Project Manager.
12. Resolve and/or escalate issues to WDAT management.
13. Utilize WDAT's project management tools and methods (including issue log, action log, scope management/change request log, status reports) as required by the WDAT Project Manager.
14. Submit weekly status reports (including status of major milestones/deliverables, major issues and risks) as required by the WDAT Project Manager ( "Status Report ").
15. Provide Services to assist WDAT in creating and updating WDAT defined Project specific Deliverables in accordance with the WDAT Common Methods Gates.
16. Provide design, development, unit testing, integration testing and defect fixing Services.
a. Develop the design to satisfy the Requirements ( "Design”).
b. Develop code in conformance to the Requirements and the Design ( "Developed Code”).
c. Develop Test Cases to verify the Developed Code conforms to the Requirements and the Design ( "Test Cases”).
d. Execute the Test Cases and resolve any defects found ( "Unit Test Results”).
e. Provide quality metrics for the Developed Code ( "Quality Metrics”).
f. Provide all information, processes and procedures necessary for WDAT to perform the tasks performed by CONTRACTED WORKER hereunder and to operate and maintain the Developed Code in all WDAT environments ( "Knowledge Transfer Document”).

Basic Qualifications For the Sprints as defined by WDAT, CONTRACTED WORKER will:
• Participate in daily scrums and perform Sprint backlog grooming. Participate in Monday through Friday team standup meetings and perform the management of VersionOne Project items consisting of User Story status, blocking issues documentation and user acceptance criteria and test conditions.
• Install, configure and perform regular maintenance of middleware application servers.
• Troubleshoot network related issues in F5 Local Traffic Manager ( "LTM”), a product from F5 Networks, Inc.
• Resolve issues and impediments identified by WDAT during each Sprint.
• Provide Services in accordance with WDAT's requirements including but not limited to on-call schedules.
• Create User Stories in accordance with the Requirements ( "User Stories”).
• Provide knowledge transfer to WDAT in accordance with the Knowledge Transfer Document.

Required Education : Bachelors or Equiv. Exp.