SOM Neurosurgery-General - Patient Navigator
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SOM Neurosurgery-General - Patient Navigator
Ref No.: 18-05378
Location: San Francisco, California
The Spinal tumor and Deformity Patient Navigator for the Brain/Neurospine Tumor Center provides individualized assistance and support to patients throughout their care with Neurosurgery, serving as a resource and advocate for patients while they are going through the journey of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The service is offered to patients from their initial visit to their ongoing post treatment appointments 2-3 weeks after discharge and ongoing monitoring throughout the patient's life.

The Brain Tumor/Neurospine Center patient Navigator provides patient care coordination by serving as a communication bridge, when needed, between the patient and the practitioners and services he/she may require during their treatment. This involves developing expertise in the operations and systems underlying all service areas directly or indirectly related to neurosurgery, including interdepartmental support for patients receiving care outside of Neurological Services. The position requires self-initiative, as well as exceptional social skills and emotional intelligence in order to support patients with a wide variety of psycho-social needs and the ability to effectively communicate with faculty and staff throughout the clinical enterprise. To be effective in the position, the Brain Tumor Center patient liaison shall remain current on inpatient care protocols that affect patients' postoperative care on an outpatient basis. This includes attending grand rounds sessions reviewing patient safety, standardization of inpatient and outpatient protocols.

This position is a vital and an integral part of the patient-centric care mission and direct patient education efforts of the Neurosurgery Brain Tumor/Neurospine Center. It is the common goal of these programs to ensure patients have full, equitable and convenient access to the clinical services they require and to the health education information needed to make informed decisions about their care.

Patient Care Coordination and Support: 75%
§ Provides high-level patient care coordination support for clinical practice
§ Serves as a liaison between the patient and their practitioners and helps patients navigate various services needed during treatment (surgery, oncology, radiation, imaging, etc.).
§ Works closely with Neurosurgery and Neuro Onc faculty providers, nurses, staff and management
§ Provides interdepartmental support to patients who obtain services at Radiology, Laboratory and other care specialties
§ While contacting new patients with cancerous tumors, provides patients with an overview of the benefits of participation in the Neuro Oncology Caregiver program.
§ Responds to patient ongoing inquiries regarding treatment decisions and coordination by phone/email/ or in person (in clinic setting).Liaison is responsible for triaging all clinical inquiries to clinician in a timely manner. Liaison is to use critical thinking and best judgment to assess urgency.
§ Collects, processes, analyzes and presents relevant data such as: visit volume for your specific provider, schedule lag times, patient wait times in clinic, no show rates, etc. to the department and Ambulatory Care leadership
§ Participates in new Brain/NeurospineTumor based programs/initiatives as opportunities arise such as: multi-disciplinary clinics with OHNS or Rad/Onc, New patient education sessions, etc. opportunities arise
§ Participates in Patient Care Quality improvement projects such as working with our Inpatient safety officer, Dr. Cat Lau, on safety education material to send home with patients upon discharge, etc
§ Responsible for meaningful use qualitative measures for faculty on their sub-specialty team. Liaison is response for reviewing and analyzing the monthly meaningful use reports and following up on any areas their MD is below target such as reconciling meds, printing the AVS, etc. Liaison is also responsible to escalate any issue regarding physician compliance in meeting these goals. (Escalate to Practice Manager)
§ Coordinates initial appointment and assists in medical the record transfer process, as needed, for patients referred from any outside referring clinic.
§ Coordinates inpatient stay as needed in collaboration with central OR scheduling.
§ Confirms that all pre-treatment diagnostic and screening visits are properly scheduled.

Reporting 10%
§ Liaisons with faculty providers, as needed, to develop accurate and thoughtful responses to online inquiries or comments.
§ Analyzes Press Ganey comments at the provider level with their team and reports to leadership with regards to negative experiences. Responsible for service recovery, i.e. contacting patients to find out "what could we have done better?”
§ Analyzes monthly reports regarding trends in scores and both negative and positive comments from patients. Presents these reports to clinic leadership on monthly basis.
§ Responsible for monthly reports re: referral base per specific subspecialty (must be able to build the report criteria in Apex, analyze the data, and develop plan to reach out to areas in decline). The Liaison's IAP goal will be linked to the referral volume baseline along with annual goals to increase referrals.

Post op Patient Contact 15%
§ Contacts postoperative patients to confirm 2 week post op appt and inquire if there are any clinical issues that need to be discussed with the NP/PA on the team.
§ Assures that patient's post op visit is scheduled before discharge
§ In collaboration with neuro oncology, radiation oncology and/or neurology and administrative staff, insure that postoperative appointments have been scheduled prior to patient discharge.
§ Utilizing scripted questionnaire as a guide, seeks to determine patient and family's overall well-being; identifies any emotional or clinical problems and either triages to appropriate medical personnel or suggests internal or external resources to support patient needs
§ Assists patients in resolving any billing related issues by referring to the appropriate billing staff