Engineer II
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Engineer II
Ref No.: 18-02558
Location: Brooklyn, New York
The overall project is to design the configurations for a Cisco CRS-1 router using the IOS-XR operating system to operate as an Internet and/or VPN edge router (PE) in the Telecommunication MPLS network using both IPv4 and IPv6. This contractor will be primarily responsible for the security aspects of this design, including ACLs, various other filters (VTY, etc), Control Plane Policing, and other security features. CALEA and similar legal/license requirements in other countries will need to be taken into account.Current security policies should be implemented and suggestions for change proposed as necessary.

Skill Experience Need
1) IP network security Expert Required
2) Cisco large-scale routers Expert Required
3) Cisco IOS-XR Expert Desired
4) Cisco CRS-1 Intermediate Desired
5) Routing protocols Intermediate Required
6) IPv6 Intermediate Required
7) Documentation/presentations Intermediate Required
8) MPLS Intermediate Desired