AP Customer Support
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AP Customer Support
Ref No.: 18-01359
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Receive invoices daily via US Government Client, email or fax.
    Receive inventory packing slips from buyer and print out the receiving histories to accompany them.
    Process a 3 way match verifying product, price, and quantity. Distribute invoices with quantity and pricing differences to buyer for reconciliation.
    Review random selection of freight bills – charges should match amount billed in Passport.
    Alphabetize the invoices by vendor and group by freight carriers.
    Using appropriate GL codes, enter and upload invoices into Passport.
    File invoices entered in cabinet as they await payment processing.
    File invoices that are not yet matched to receiving information in a folder.
    File inventory receiving documents in a folder until the are able to matched to invoices.
    Follow up with vendors in regarding credits that should be applied to our account.
    Verify whether or not invoices listed have been paid and or received.
    Request invoice copies if necessary.
    Process a pre check writing report weekly adhering to due dates and potential cash discount due dates.
    The report invoices are compiled to form a check support package. This is emailed for approval of payment.
    Print checks remotely to Treasury Desk in Oakland, CA every Wednesday.
    Generate a positive pay file to help create payment processing security.
    Upload the positive pay file to Wells Fargo CEO online portal.
    Email check register and positive pay file to Treasury Deparment (cc Finance).
    Save check support package, check register, and positive file.
    Read daily emails sent by Wells Fargo event messaging system. The message identifies the number of check exceptions that need review from items presented to the bank on that day.
    Run the month end Aging and Distribution Reports.
    Review drop ship report and identify the AP detail associated with each order.
    Confirm all items on the UBR Report are accounted for.
    Complete AP Metrics/review with Finance Manager.
    Process a remote deposit for A/R checks received by mail.
    Process online payments for A/R credit card customers.