Office - Electrical Operations Coordinator
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Office - Electrical Operations Coordinator
Ref No.: 17-21120
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Primary Responsibilities: Process electrical orders and generate labor tickets for electrical labor. Contact exhibitors to clarify electrical orders, update logs. Review and audit electrical orders against order forms and floor plans ensuring their accuracy. Complete data entry processing for show site labors. Organize electrical orders to ensure correct dispatching is done at show site. Must have flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends.

Secondary Responsibilities at Showsite - would be assigned to one of three positions: Dispatcher, Service Desk, and Data Entry.

Dispatch: Dispatch electricians and updating crew sheets. Keep in communication with service desk with any wait times and respond back to their inquires. Assist when necessary, with check-in process and time cards. Maintain marking of the floor plan in comparison to the labor performed in the booths. Keeping control copies in order to be aware of where the electricians are and what booths are being worked on at all times. Verify labor tickets are complete prior to submission, and prepare labor tickets for next day's work.

Data Entry: Process the labor and materials into our database to create billing to exhibitors on the show floor. Review database to ensure accuracy of hours, materials and rates before charging the credit cards on file. Run an audit report from the database, attach appropriate paperwork to the ticket and return to lead for management audit.

Service Desk: Process new orders received from exhibitors. Enter remarks to assist in correcting service issues on the show floor. Print labor tickets and remark tickets to execute the services required. Keep an updated traffic log of the exhibitors and requests made throughout the day. Ensure we have proper documentation and electrical billing accuracy. Communicate with co-workers working dispatch desk and data entry room. Work with and maintain communication with exhibitors who are disputing their electrical billing and resolve their concerns. Must have flexible scheduling including evenings and weekends. Must be able to work in all seasons when working at show site.