Previous Job
Assistant III
Ref No.: 17-17698
Location: Emeryville, California
30 Yes Patient Registration
20 Yes Visit Creations
20 Yes Insurance Registration
15 Yes DEP Selection
15 Yes Chart note scanning & pseudo code selection

The NOFO/NOFI rep is responsible for all NOFO/NOFI tasks (Not Our Facility Out-pt and In-pt).  The Rep will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following: Patient demographic registration, Visit creation, Insurance registration, Chart note scanning, correct DEP selection and Pseudo code creation for coding work-queue population.  The Rep will coordinate with various off-site departments, clinics and hospitals to obtain correct documentation so charge codes can be abstracted from chart notes for billing.  The Rep must have excellent customer service skills with emphasis on phone etiquette and courteousness.  All tasks associated with the NOFO/NOFI unit will be initiated and completed within the EPIC computer system.  This Rep deals regularly with complex policy and procedural issues that involve contract compliance with regard to HMO and PPO payers.  It is the Rep's responsibility to communicate and coordinate with all outside entities to ensure access to their computer systems for retrieval of appropriate documentation.  The Rep will conform to all UCSF, MGBS, and Government HIPAA policies and procedures.