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Transportation Coordinator
Ref No.: 18-01938
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Pay Rate : $ 23.50 /Hour
Job Category:Supply Chain/Logistics
Benefits:401K, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, None, Vision Insurance
Job Title: Domestic Import Export Shipping Coordinator

Job Function: Export Shipping Coordination/Processing

Time In Assignment: Minimum of 3-5 years

Brief Job Description:
The Export Shipping Coordinator duties will be to ship finished product material as soon as it has been released in order to satisfy our customer needs. Another key aspect of the Export Coordinator job is to prevent the overcrowding of the Warehouse and to assist as needed in the supply chain to ensure quality product and service to our customers.

Duties and Skills Required:
  • Create new load sheets / BOLs and export manifests (updates, prints, adds/deletes packages)
  • Process shipments (reverses and receives shipments and changes date shipped)
  • Deletes load sheets (deletes packages from a load sheet)
  • Prepare client loads & create load sheets
  • Mark Inventory by destination
  • Mark released packages on the inventory
  • Book carriers with MTC, BDP and book pickups directly with trucking companies
  • Select correct carrier for transport and correct mode of shipment (air, rail, ocean, breakbulk)
  • Coordinate with site warehouse (supplies load sheet numbers, bills of lading, marks, special instructions, temperature monitors, quad language stickers, lcl shipping information, appointment times and pick up dates, carriers, pre-load or live load, U.S. Aid stickers)
  • Prepare shipment paperwork
  • Send e-mails to Export Broker with shipping information on every shipment
  • Working knowledge of personal computers (MS Excel, Word, SAP)
  • Reports to Operations Manager the total number of shipments and damaged cases per month
  • Must be able to handle air shipments (booking with Airborne or BDP air) and Priority Orders
  • Knowledge of customer requirements of hardwood or treated wood shipments
  • Ability to maximize containers 20', 40', LTC and domestic container, to include dimensions and maximum numbers of our packages any combination to fit securely into containers.
  • Know the package codes for our products
  • Have a general knowledge of how shipments are required to be braced (export and domestic)
  • Help plan for priority shipments by providing shipping cut off information to Scheduler
  • Work with Wilmington on any quality issues with trucking companies and ocean carriers.
  • Certification in shipping HAZMAT materials and preparing proper documents for these types of shipments.
  • Knowledge of export packaging and labeling requirements including air.
  • Will include preparing documentation and coordinating with on-site waste disposal firm for removing old or obsolete materials from the site for proper, government approved disposal.