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DevOps Engineer
Ref No.: 18-01239
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Start Date: 08/10/2018

We are seeking a DevOps Engineer who will be a member of an IT Service Delivery Team and provides a wide variety of systems administration functions, with particular emphasis on building, maintaining, and refining the DevOps continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline upon which development teams build and release software products. In this role, the DevOps engineer will build out and network infrastructure (load balancer, firewall, subnetting, application and database servers, OS and middleware installation and configuration, etc.) and install, configure, tune, and refine DevOps automation tools in both private (on-prem) and public cloud spaces. The DevOps engineer works closely with application teams in understanding their particular automation requirements, defines the processes, and implements the automation in the DevOps toolsets. The DevOps engineer will also develop code to enhance the DevOps pipeline by expanding the integration and automation of the DevOps toolset. The DevOps engineer provides ongoing systems administration, technical support, and troubleshooting services to application teams.


  • Build out, network, and configure IT infrastructure (load balancer, firewall, subnetting, application and database servers, OS installation and configuration, etc.)
  • Install, configure, support, and maintain middleware on IT infrastructure (e.g., JBoss, Apache, Tomcat, Windows Server, IIS, etc.)
  • Install, configure, support, and maintain DevOps toolsets (e.g., Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, Jenkins, Artifactory, Maven, Sonarqube, Liquibase, release automation tools, etc.)
  • Assist software development teams in defining their DevOps CI/CD pipeline and processes, and implement and configure the DevOps tools for them.
  • Tune, refine, and upgrade the DevOps pipeline to increase automation and features.
  • Provide systems administration guidance, support, and troubleshooting services.
  • Script (e.g., Unix Shell, Python, Ansible playbooks, Powershell, etc.) to increase automation and integration.
  • Work closely with application teams using Agile methods and principles.
  • Contribute and collaborate to design, document, and publish DevOps standards, principles, guidelines and best practices.
  • Seek opportunities to increase the business value of the DevOps toolchain through research and investigation, application team input, automation options, POCs, etc.
  • Provide leadership and direction in developing DevOps standards and automation practices, and contribute to laying out a long-term DevOps maturity strategy working with SDLC, EA, and other areas of IT.
  • Be creative and provide solutions for CI/CD deployments both for On-Prem and Cloud deployments

Process Outputs and Deliverables

  • Accurately deployed IT infrastructure, OS, and middleware
  • Accurately integrated DevOps toolsets to support multiple application teams with an end-to-end CI/CD orchestration.
  • Necessary documentation to support DevOps standards, principles, guidelines, and best practices