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Contract Recruiter
Ref No.: 18-00368
Location: Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
Start Date: 03/09/2018
A Contract Recruiter will help influence and control the employment process from inception through completion by;
  1. Coordinating the Employment Process between line management and Human Resources.
  2. Sourcing, evaluating and closing candidates.
  3. Imparting interview techniques, insights and expertise to enhance the evaluation capabilities of line management.
  4. Controlling employment process through closure.
  5. Assisting/influencing management through the decision-making process.
  6. Using consultative methods.

A Contract Recruiter will figure out where the best available candidates can be found. (Direct competition, parallel industry, unrelated industry.)
  1. Current duties and how do those duties relate to open positions within company
  2. Department, title, etc.
  3. Previous experiences, user side, vendor side, amount of total relevant experience.
  4. How are the specific people within relevant companies who possess the required skills and backgrounds.

A Contract Recruiter provides exceptional client service and full lifecycle recruiting expertise to your organization.
  1. Confers with senior leadership to identify personnel needs, workforce planning strategies, and search assignments.
  2. Write complete and detailed search assignments (client engagement documents), ensuring an understanding of job duties responsibilities and business requirements.
  3. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with the client company leaders, vendors, community organizations, and other team members to create a partnership that yields success, predictable results and credibility.
  4. Develop and maintain a network of contacts to help identify and source qualified leaders.
  5. Leverage online recruiting resources and in-house Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to identify and recruit the very best candidates.
  6. Create and foster relationships with colleges and diverse professional organizations to attract and recruit alumni and diversity candidates.
  7. Review resumes and credentials for appropriateness of skills, experience and knowledge in relation to position requirements.
  8. Provide complete, accurate, and inspiring information to candidates about the company and position.
  9. Prescreens candidates. Create and present prescreening questions to hiring managers for collaboration and approval.
  10. Manages and coordinates all communication with candidates.
  11. Interviews all candidates presented for detailed interviewing by hiring managers, and includes the use of face-to-face behavioral-based interviewing methodologies.
  12. Manages the scheduling and logistics of all interviews between candidates and hiring managers.
  13. Prepares candidates for interviewing with the client company and specific hiring managers by providing detailed information on the company, our business strategy, department background, job descriptions, and expectation-setting.
  14. Organizes, leads and documents post-interview debrief/feedback and post-mortems with interview teams and candidates.
  15. Reviews the hiring managers interview performance with each candidate and take appropriate action when warranted.
  16. Performs detailed reference checking and/or reference analysis on selected candidates and reviews results with hiring managers.
  17. Extends offers of employment to selected candidates under the direction of the hiring managers and within the guidelines of the client company compensation policy.
  18. Manages the presentation, selection, offer, negotiation, closing, and administrative components involved in full lifecycle recruiting.
  19. Conducts follow-up calls and quality-improvement studies with hiring managers and new hires.
  20. Maintain accurate and well-ordered documentation on all candidates, searches, hiring managers interactions, and other recruiting activities
  21. Ensures a safe and thorough audit if required.
  22. Initiates and maintains excellent working relations within the client company Human Resources organization.
  23. Uses effective communication approaches that include proactively keeping others informed, appropriately expressing ideas and thoughts verbally and in written form, and timeliness.
  24. Works cooperatively with all members of the staffing team to develop and implement staffing plans and activities.
  25. Visits all hiring-manager departments to develop a thorough understanding of the department culture and uses that understanding to help candidates fully understand the opportunity.
  26. Participates in the development of ongoing creative and cost-effective sourcing strategies.
  27. Develops an effective pipeline of key talent potentially available for immediate hire as succession planning needs dictate.
  28. Stays informed of trends and innovative recruiting techniques in order to be competitive in state-of-the-Art recruiting practices.
  29. Works with and/or directs the efforts of a Recruiting Coordinator or Administrator.