Ref No.: 18-00710
Location: Southfield, Michigan
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 06/12/2018
Have a general understanding of the operation of automotive systems mechanical and electrical.
Experience and familiar with vehicle electrical systems
Experience with removal and replacement of automotive interior parts and trim
Has some diagnostic experience in solving automotive issues
Skills Chart
O-scope 1. Take basic voltage and current measurments
2. record data
3. send to engineer or store on computer
Meters 1. Understand and use Ohm, voltage, Current meters
2. Record data
3. Send to enginner and/or store on computer
Fabrication 1. Understands and can execute different types of fabrication methods
2. Welding
3. Brazing
4. Utilize these skills to build benches - steel and aluminum work
5. Read and undestand wiring diagrams
6. make/rework wire harness
7. Soldering
Testing and Recording Data
1. Indepentantly perform testing
2. Record log data as needed (VCAN, MCAN, Brew logger, etc)
Understand of Vehicle systems
1. Electrical system - wiring, charging, CAN bus, etc.
Basic Troubleshooting
1. Knowledge of basic audio eletro-acoustic theory and applications.
2. Knowledge of basic IT communication theory and applications.
1. Excel, Word - Microsoft Office
Basic Understanding of Apple and Android handheld devices
1. Operation
2. Power consumption