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Senior Designer
Ref No.: 18-00587
Location: Troy, Michigan
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/15/2018
Job Summary

Designs 3D math data, working layouts and typical sections of automotive vehicle components, assemblies, and systems from engineering specifications, sketches, and engineering instructions


- Designs parts and systems in a manner which reflects the forming processes and capabilities of the manufacturing and assembly tooling.
- Has expert command and knowledge of UG software system needed to perform design duties.
- Interprets and  follows design direction with minimal additional direction needed to complete task.
- Capable of developing multiple concepts in a short duration with little experience.
- Able to create conceptual class "A" surface from scans, point clouds, surfaces, master sections.
- Understands and applies customer's given standards and procedures within the part or assembly design.
- Performs multiple advanced modeling projects correctly and efficiently in order to contain all program timing. - Practices proper modeling techniques which allows part/assembly to be easily modified during later engineering changes.
- Able to create 2D drawings that are completed with enough data to ensure that the part could be manufactured, quoted, or gauged for functionality.
- Effectively uses and interprets simulation applications during modeling and design. Understands and applies welding technologies and practices within design.
- Understands and applies stamping die principles and limitations.
- Understands and applies hydrform die principles and limitations.
-Understands and applies casting and machining principles and limitations.
- Understands and applies geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) to component and systems designs.
- Solid understanding of automotive structure (part placement, usage, and performance).
- Understands and adheres to company engineering work order system.