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Software Anchor Engineer
Ref No.: 18-00037
Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Position Type:Full Time/Contract
Experience Level: 10 Years
Start Date: 01/09/2018
Fulltime:-$120k base + benefits
Location:- Dearborn, MI
Client:- Ford

Note:- Candidate will have to come for a F2F at Dearborn, MI ( Expenses will be taken care for the same)

Below is an outline of the expectation of a Software Anchor Engineer. Some of the key items are the deep experiences with Spring frameworks (or equivalent), core Java, front-end frameworks... along with true paired-programming agile experience in TDD/CI/CD and associated tools. On the non-technical front the candidate needs to demonstrate high confidence and presence ! We're expecting candidates that live and breathe daily this and they should demonstrate it from the onset of the interview.
Software Engineers (non-Anchors) would have the same profile but obviously less and varying degrees of experience in each category. The key for SW engineers will be to demonstrate practical experiences working in agile teams, strong technical talent, passion and ability/passion to learn... i.e. we want to hear and see that they have the capability of becoming an anchor.
Job Description: Smart Mobility is looking for Full-Stack developers that embrace Lean Agile and Extreme Programming practices. Software engineers will work in small, cross-functional teams. They will collaborate directly and continuously with product managers and designers, and business partners to release early and often.
Software Anchor Engineer
  • 7-10 years of Java web development experience
  • 2-3 years of cloud platform development and deployment experience (AWS, Azure, Cloud Foundry etc..)
  • 5+ years of Spring Framework development experience
  • e.g Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security
  • 5+ years of Restful web service (API's) development experience
  • 3+ years of experience in securing Restful API's using Industry standard protocols
  • 5+ years of extensive front end development experience and frameworks including
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, jQuery
  • 3+ years of agile and iterative development experience
  • 2+ years of Test Driven Development and CI/CD deployment experience
  • 2+ years of mobile application development (iOS, iPhone)
  • 2+ years of paired programming experience
  • Knowledge of API Managers and Microservices application design

Strong Communications skills – oral and written communications, ability to illustrate and convey ideas and designs effectively with team and partners
Presence - demonstrating confidence, ability to learn quickly, influence and shaping