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Auto Mechanic - I
Ref No.: 18-03256
Location: Weymouth, Massachusetts
Start Date / End Date: 03/26/2018 to 09/25/2020
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125 Lundquist Drive Braintree, MA 02184 2 positions
173 Boston St Dorchester, MA 02125 1 position
275 Wildwood Ave Woburn, MA 01801 1 position

This is to outline the required skills necessary for Telecommunication Auto Mechanics. These skills are necessary to maximize Telecommunications opportunity to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient vehicle fleet, while utilizing the ability to document, capture and recoup warranty work performed by internal resources. The following criteria is offered or intended as a guideline for Recruiters/Staffers to seek qualified automotive mechanic applicants. These requirements are not limited to the requirement for a Telecommunication Company Mechanic position regardless of the state or region. Certifications and Licenses: Applicant should possess one or more areas of Automotive Service Excellence as follows: ASE Master Certification Automotive (A1-A8) and/or Medium Duty Truck (T1-T8). Applicants are required to possess a license to purchase and handle air conditioning refrigerants (ASE, MACS, etc.), as well as be certified to make brake adjustments and repairs. The licenses required during the probationary period include but are not limited to the following: Certification or license to perform federal, state and local inspections and emissions inspections, as well as a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL) (B Endorsement or higher). Optional to ASE Equivalent: OEM technical school certifications, military training degrees or diplomas or college diplomas or degrees. Education: Applicant is required to possess: a high school diploma, valid drivers license(s), and computer skills for the input of data into the fleet maintenance tracking database. Welding experience is helpful, but not required. Additionally, workers must acquire and maintain appropriate licenses, as required, to perform work on Telecommunication company equipment. All of the above required licenses must be available upon request as required by law and for all current on site employees. Additional Information: Workers must have experience with Medium Duty Diesel and Powertrain. Weight of the vehicles serviced typically ranges between 26,001 to 55K pounds. In addition, a worker with welding experience would be nice, but is not mandatory. Testing: Each job seeker must have a passing score of at least 80% to 85% on the Cengage Test A1-A8 and T1-T8. Without an adequate score, the job seeker will be rejected. Onboarding Requirements: Each worker will require a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check as part of the background investigation. In addition, an MVR will be required annually. Telecommunication may request one or more random drug tests throughout the length of the workers assignment. The worker must be able to lift 50-75 pounds The worker must be able to lift a minimum of 35 pounds over his/her head Some of the equipment used to repair vehicles has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds Some of the equipment that will need to be repaired has a maximum weight limit of 275 pounds. 1 to 5 years of experience.

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