Ref No.: 18-01934
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Start Date / End Date: 03/05/2018 to 03/05/2019
Job Description: Electrical Estimator - must have utility pricing experience and preferably power plant constructions experience.

Job Description
Provide project related (electrical,) estimating services to the Lines of Business in managing their business decisions that result in reliable, total project cost estimates. This requires thinking out of the box using strong conceptual, engineering and estimating skills, for regulated, non-regulated, and technology oriented businesses. The incumbent acts in a consulting capacity to review and understand investment strategies, aligning cost estimates and scope assessments (risk) to those strategies.

Major Job Duties/Responsibilities
  • Prepare reliable, complex, high level financial cost estimates for regulated and non-regulated Businesses.
  • Perform engineering review of project scope and scope assessments (risk).
  • Research, analyze and evaluate information pertaining to technological advancements to support various businesses.
  • Consults with various businesses within Enterprise, on options, costs and technology/IT alternatives.
  • Develop detailed bid estimates, evaluations and analysis that allow regulated and non-regulated entities to perform contractor reviews.
  • Analyze and assess project alternatives to identify most cost effective option.
  • Negotiate with contractors/vendors to achieve the lowest cost bids.
  • Prepare range estimates for ambiguous scope items and perform Monte Carlo simulation to identify minimum, maximum and expected cost for the indeterminate scope items.
  • Analyze vendor proposals and create specialized cost estimates to mitigate claims and control project "extras”.
  • Increased communication with industry experts to obtain and evaluate information, relating to productivity standards, equipment and technological advances leading to the preparation of more diverse estimates.
  • Identification of scope assessment (risk) to determine financial exposure of a project assuring proper funding to complete the project.
  • Provide project team with identification of areas that require increased project control effort to avoid over-expenditures.

Competencies Required To Perform The Job

GENERIC: Adaptability; self-starter; client-focused; excellent communication, teamwork and decision making skills

JOB SPECIFIC: Engineering skills; ability to develop high level, complex electrical estimates; interpret and understand LOB and CFP project requirements


ESSENTIAL: BS/BA or equivalent experience, minimum 7 years estimating experience in related discipline required (electrical), Must be computer literat