Sr. Software Engineer
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Sr. Software Engineer
Ref No.: 18-00171
Location: La MIrada, California
Position Type:Direct Placement

Location: La Mirada, CA

Senior Software Engineer designs, builds, and implements robust software solutions to support our client's organizational goals and objectives, including support of their network. The position provides advanced-level programming expertise for a variety of systems integration, tools development, software support and troubleshooting activities. The Senior Software Engineer actively works on multiple complex tools and software projects simultaneously. Therefore, the position requires the ability to prioritize and execute tasks in a dynamic environment, managing multiple projects in order to complete them successfully and within expected timelines.
  • Work with stakeholders to define requirements and implement software used to instrument, manage and troubleshoot large-scale diverse networks.
  • Use robust and secure software development principles: robust exception handling, input validation, proper application and use of cryptographic algorithms and libraries and proper handling of concurrency issues.
  • Identify, troubleshoot, and resolve problems relating to internal mission-critical software applications.
  • Document code consistently throughout the development process.
  • Responsible for communicating with customers, network engineers, systems administrators, and vendor's technical support staff regarding programming needs and performance, as well as end user support for related tools developed.
  • Coordinate debugging and problem resolution work with users and testers as needed.
  • Review, to the extent possible, changes in code and the environment that will affect security and system performance.
  • Provide recommendations to leadership and stakeholders concerning issues with the software development management stack.
  • Maintain code bases, releases and derivations in modern revision control systems (e.g., git and SVN).
  • Tracking of identified software bugs (including vulnerabilities) in a structured manner and reporting upon both bug severity and closure statistics.
  • Review and maintain legacy code.

  • Take individual responsibility, consideration, and awareness, as appropriate to the position, for security of our client's computer systems, the backbone, network equipment, and computing accounts; for the security and privacy of our client's data and data pertaining to their employees; and for the security and privacy of all systems, networks, and data pertaining to our client's Associates and peers.
  • Look for opportunities, procedures, and tools to improve our client's privacy and security practices.
  • Report any concerns about security and privacy to your manager, the Security Team and/or Executive Management.
  • Work closely with the Security Team to identify, discuss, and implement software tools and solutions in support of our client's networks, network security designs, and implementations of network security policies, procedures, and technologies.

  • 4 year degree in computer science or related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Solid understanding of the principles of routing, IP network and server performance monitoring and management using technologies such as SNMP v2/3 and client/server programming.
  • Ability to multi-task and stay organized in a dynamic work environment.
  • Good knowledge of mathematical and statistical principles and formulas.
  • Expert knowledge of:
    • Maintaining and debugging live software systems.
    • Writing program documentation.
    • Networking technologies from the UNIX programmer's perspective.
    • Robust and secure software development (e.g., CERT, BSIMM).
    • Python, Perl, and PHP in Linux-based environments.
  • Expertise using static and dynamic source code analysis tools (e.g., Fortify, Coverity, Vericode, valgrind).
  • Foundational knowledge of computer security, application of cryptographic techniques and encryption.
  • Familiarity working with MySQL / MariaDB, NoSQL (e.g., Cassandra, Elastic), PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL databases and building database-backed web applications.
  • Experience in the use of cloud platforms including both compute and storage aspects of Amazon AWS and/or Google's Cloud Platforms.
  • Familiarity with:
    • Java, C++ and object-oriented programming concepts.
    • HTML5, asynchronous JavaScript client / server communications, single-page client application concepts, the use of JavaScript libraries and frameworks and REST API concepts and methodologies.
    • Authentication methods including LDAP, OAuth2, and SAML.
    • Programming applications allowing for hierarchical group and permissions inheritance.
    • TLS-based security mechanisms and certificate management.
    • Implementing change control, QA, regression testing procedures and methodologies, including the setup and use of source code version control (e.g., SVN, GitHub) and test harness integration used for automated regression testing.
    • Logging frameworks and methodologies.
  • Experience migrating legacy code to new platforms and writing technical documentation for migrated code.
  • Experience writing robust software to integrate data and functionality across applications from different vendors.
  • Experience working and coordinating with network engineers, systems engineers, and cyber security teams.
  • Strong understanding of network tools and data formats such as rrdtool, netflow, sflow; standard networking and host MIBs.
  • Experience with commercial and custom software integration using standards-based protocols and interfaces.
  • Experience in all aspects of the software development life cycle from formal user requirements definition through support of developed applications.
  • Experience working in a diverse, team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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