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Senior DevOps Engineer/ Architect in Milwaukee WI
Ref No.: 17-00334
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Start Date: 10/18/2017
Position: Senior DevOps Engineer
Location: Milwaukee WI
Duration: Long Term
Note:  Candidates should have experience in Google Cloud and Kubernetes
           Candidates should be comfortable at-least one technology in each Area
Job Description:
* Hand-On Knowledge in Linux OS Administration and Bash Scripting [RedHat/CentOs]
* Good Understanding about Middleware Systems - Web Servers, Application Servers, Messaging Systems Integration - TomCat Server, Spring Boot, Jetty,  JBoss, WebSphere
* Good Understanding about Managing Java EcoSystem [Not Java Development] - Heap Memory, Garbage Collectors, Thread Dumps, JMX Console, Actuator
* Good Understanding of Operation Management Technologies - Log Aggregation, Server Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Application Monitoring - Splunk, Nagios, NewRelic, Logstash, Kibana, Influxdb, StackDriver, Cloud Watch
* Experience in Automating the Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration Management - Terraform, Ansible, SaltStack, Packer, Cloud Formation [AWS], Deployment Manager [Google Cloud]
* Experience/Exposure in Cloud Technologies / Terminologies In any Public Cloud - Aws, Google Cloud, Azure. an Concepts - IaaS, Paas, Saas
* Experience/Exposure in Managing Distributed Systems - Cache Servers, Messaging Servers, Data Pipelines - Redis/Memcache/EhCache, Kafka/ZeroMq/TIBCO/Anyother Messaging.
* Moderate Experience/Knowledge in Dockers and Dockers Management & Networking
* Thorough understanding about Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment - Jenkins, Github, SVN
* Kubernetes / Docker Swarm or Any other Docker Orchestration Technologies is a plus.