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IE & ME Project Management - Project Scheduling
Ref No.: 18-07207
Location: Salem, Oregon
Start Date / End Date: 11/01/2018 to 10/31/2020
Staffing RFP - Request for Resources
Customer Name Client / Oregon Health Authority
Project Title IE & ME Project Management - Project Scheduling
Due Date October 16, 2018
Resource / Job Title Project Manager III
Number of Resumes Three (3) Resume
Work Location Salem, OR
Salary Range: Open
Candidate Reference: Three (3) references
Estimated Duration 11/01/2018 - 10/31/2020
Project Overview
  1. Agency requires expert-level utilization of Microsoft Project, SharePoint, and Office 365 software products to ensure continuity of shared information and adherence to timelines related to the IE/ME Project.
  2. The Services will specifically focus on developing and refining project planning and scheduling practices to increase efficiency and accuracy within Agency's Project Management Office.
  3. The Contractor selected to perform these services will perform on-site Project Management (PM) services, to include expert-level utilization of all functionality of MS Project, MS SharePoint, and Office 365 s
Required Skills and Responsibilities
  • Candidate demonstrate proficiency and experience managing Microsoft Project schedules for projects of this size and complexity. The schedule is very large and complex, including approximately 30,000 tasks and multiple sub-projects
  • Consultant must have five years of experience on projects over $10M.
  • Be responsible for completing all Deliverables associated with the required services in a timely and accurate manner
  • Ensure IE/ME Project staff have a real-time understanding of what resource capacity is, and how availability (or lack thereof) may affect the integrated project schedule. A key aspect of that understanding will be that staff will have full knowledge of what tasks they are assigned.
  • Produce reports with ease and provide many different project metrics, including earned value.
  • Ensure schedule updates are applied as soon as they are received