Previous Job
Ref No.: 18-06379
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Start Date / End Date: 09/17/2018 to 09/16/2019
Serve as receptionist/telephone operator, prepare and process incoming and outgoing mail including US Government Client, UPS and FedEx. Sort and deliver letters, packages to offices and departments within the organization. Responsible for the safety of visitors.Must have excellent communication and customer service skills. Moderate to advanced skills required to operate business equipment associated with telephone/reception area, mailroom, copy center. Advanced knowledge of Windows environment.

1. Branch Communications
a) Incoming Phone Calls
i) Forward incoming non-direct dialed numbers to the appropriate/requested individual
ii) Form solid understanding of where to direct general inquiry calls (sales, operations, solicitations, etc.).
iii) Work with the sales teams to understand/know where to direct calls on a project 'bid day'.
b) Physical Mail/Parcels
i) Manage the movement of physical mail incoming & outgoing. Coordinate the shipment and arrival of larger goods with warehouse support.
ii) Develop/maintain system to advise project or service personal of shipment arrival and movement of goods away from office reception area. There should be no material in the reception area for more than 2 days.
c) Posted Communications
i) Manage all branch posted communications as directed by management. This will include corporate program notices (i.e. Global Employee Survey) and local programs. Create messaging when requested.
ii) Develop and manage TV screen communication messaging for branch (currently in kitchen area).

2. Common Branch Business Support Processes & Systems
a) Communication Systems
i) Avaya Phone System
(1) Maintain master list of direct dial phone numbers
(2) Coordinate employee/room changes with central phone support
(3) Identify system issues (with staff) and work with support services to resolve problems (high priority)
(4) Maintain auto attendant voice messaging system
(5) Review Telus monthly invoicing and advise BSM of any anomalies
ii) Network Systems
(1) Identify system issues (with staff) and work with support services to resolve problems (high priority)
(2) Coordinate with local staff support when needed
(3) Maintain good relationship with external network provider (Skyway West)
iii) Branch Mobile Devices
(1) Centrally coordinate the distribution of mobile devices to all branch employees.
(2) Provide support to all employees for their mobile device needs, coordinating with employee managers as needed. Support includes necessary accessories (charges, cases) and rate plans when travelling.
(3) Review monthly mobile phone spending with BSM and advise of anomalies.

b) IT Equipment (photo copy, plotter, other?)
i) Ensure leased photocopy equipment is maintained and in optimal working condition and adequate supplies (paper, ink & toner) are maintained.
ii) Coordinate trouble calls to support vendor and advise staff of any outage
iii) Track 'rental' of branch IT devices to employees (mostly data projectors).

c) Meeting Rooms & Common Work Areas
i) Ensure staff are maintaining order in the common spaces. Set expectations and systems to support. Regularly 'patrol' to ensure expectations are met and solicit manager assistance when required.
ii) Ensure systems in meeting rooms are operational by either inspection or by problems reported. Work with support staff to address. Expectation is these rooms are always ready at the close of a day for the next.
iii) Maintain an inventory of common office supplies to support all lines of business. Organize storage areas to support this inventory and discard unused, unneeded materials.

d) Facility Management
i) Maintain primary communication to contracted cleaning company.
ii) Communicate with building landlord and enter service requests through landlord tracking systems.
iii) Maintain inventory of physical keys for the facility including furniture keys.
iv) Ensure adequate supplies on hand for common paper & related consumables. Coordinate with cleaning contractor as needed.
v) Branch Utilities - Review each monthly utility invoice and advise BSM of any anomalies.

e) Security Systems
i) Maintain key fob employee database
ii) Ensure door schedules are accurate and maintained (stat holidays, etc.)
iii) Communicate all issues with branch support staff

f) HVAC Systems
i) Ensure preventative maintenance is occurring on our systems
ii) Coordinate system issues with local support staff

g) Overhead Expenditures
i) Process necessary iProc and other spending to support common branch overhead.
ii) Assist BSM / BIM's with reviewing monthly spend reports on common branch overhead associated not associated with delivery lines of business

3. Branch Events Coordination
a) Coordinate all branch special events as requested by management. These events will include in-branch and out of branch events. Ensure all the individual requirements are met (meals, AV, parking, etc).
b) Manage a contact list of supporting hotels in South Calgary that we can call upon as needed

4. Specific Line Of Business Support
a) Projects – preliminary list
i) CMS/Contact Management
ii) Warranty Letters as required
iii) Month end bank deposit
iv) Scanning and Filing as required
v) Project file folders as required
vi) Sending project docs via courier as required
vii) S&F PSA Spreadsheets for Front liner checks
viii) Alert teams for warehouse incoming package
Hours per Day 7.5
Hours per Week 37.5
Total Hours 1,957.50