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Customer Service Representative - AZ, CA, CO, FL, HI, ID, IN, KS, MN, NC, NE, NH, NJ, ON, OR, RI, SC
Ref No.: 18-06280
Location: DALLAS, Texas
Start Date / End Date: 09/14/2018 to 12/13/2018
Description/Comment: Customer Service Representative - Ensures that customers receive the best service possible through positive interactions via various communication channels such as voice, email, internet chat and social media to ensure orders are processed correctly whether in a call center or non call center customer service environment. Maintains regular contact with customers to process orders, answer questions on and guide customers through product choices and options, provide information on pricing, status of order, address any quality or service concerns, handle complaints or technical questions, and ensure order is completed and shipped on time. Work is transactional and highly service orientated with a relatively short sales cycle. Representatives are typically expected to make suggestions to customer on other products and/or services in an effort to up sell an order and may receive incidental additional incentives or SPIFFs for short term contests or promotions. These incentives are typically not a significant addition to their compensation and performance evaluations are not based on specific sales quotas. Representative may be assigned to take/process orders and provide support for a specific customer group, account or company. *All levels / roles within this position have frequent, regular interaction with customers. If position does not routinely interact with customers see Customer Service Support or Estimating Representative job descriptions. *If position is eligible for significant incentives or performance is based on sales quotas and/or primary responsibilities or skills needed for position are related to the actual sales process to sell the products or service through presentation and contract preparations, negotiations, etc., see Sales Positions. *If primary responsibilities or skills needed for position are related to servicing the customer through consultative process to access order needs, process order and manage the order through creation to shipment with ability to make decisions and impact on production priorities and schedules, see Customer Service Account / Project Mgr job description. *If primary responsibilities or skills needed for position are related to the creation or production of the actual products or services sold vs. servicing the customer and gathering information to get initial order to production, see Production support or coordination job descriptions. More Experienced Customer Service Representatives may specialize in one of the following activities: *Pricing *prepares pricing estimates for customers using standardized pricing sheets and some non standard formulas and may work with purchasing and outside vendors for inventory, outsourcing or material needs. Typically has limited to no press / production knowledge or impact on how the job is produced or what equipment is used to produce it. *Escalated Calls *Facilitates the resolution of escalated customer complaints regarding the organization's products or services either verbally or through written correspondence. Utilizes a high degree of discretion to resolve escalated customer complaints. May utilize Call Ctr and Cust Serv resources in order to investigate complaints. *Retention: receives re-routed calls from customers terminating contracts or services or makes calls to less active or inactive customers. Promotes good will, uses skills to assess customer needs and educate customer on available product/services. Resolves customer complaints/issues; expedites correction or adjustment if warranted. *Help Desk Tech:*May assist external users of the organization's technical products or services by answering questions and solving problems involved in their use. Identifies, investigates and researches user questions and problems, and may refer to technical, professional or service personnel for follow-up, as appropriate.
Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm Location: TXDA1 TXDA1-TX-DALLAS-12750 MERIT DRIVE NO 12750 MERIT DRIVE NO.900 DALLAS 75251 TX United States
Additional Job Details: Skills Ø Excellent (English) communication skills (verbal and written) Ø Clear articulation of the English language Ø Excellent spelling and grammar skills o Must know correct usage of your/you're, its/it's, and other commonly misused words o Must be able to correctly address an envelope o Must know correct US State abbreviations Ø Excellent telephone manners and etiquette o Ability to calmly handle the occasional upset customer Ø Ability to follow detailed instructions and directions from both customers and CardsDirect staff o Ability to respectfully accept constructive feedback and maintain professionalism Ø Must be able to use a PC and be familiar with Microsoft Office Ø Must be able to stay on task without constant supervision o Must have excellent time management skills Ø Must be able to handle high call volumes with little downtime o Must be able to stay seated for long periods of time Ø Must be able to pass a basic skills test on the first day of training Ø Must complete the CardsDirect training program and pass the final quiz Requirements Ø Must be available to complete the assignment through mid-December with no pre-planned vacations or appointments o Must be able to work the day after Thanksgiving Ø Flexible to accept a schedule anywhere between 7am and 6pm. Part time or split shifts are possible. Ø Must be ready to work at their scheduled time without distractions. The hours are flexible, but must be adhered to once set. o Ready to take the first call at their scheduled shift time Leave and return from lunch/breaks at scheduled time
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