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Litigation Support Specialist
Ref No.: 18-06213
Location: Burlington, Vermont
Start Date: 09/15/2018
Order # RFQ1326054
Job Title Litigation Support Specialist
Number of resumes 4 resumes each
Resume Due 09/06/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title litigation support / legal assistant
Client U.S. Attorney's Office (USAO) District of Vermont of Department of Justice
Place of Performance United States Attorney's Office
District of Vermont
11 Elmwood Avenue, 3rd Floor
Burlington, VT 05401
Resume Due 09/07/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 4
Working Hours Work will be performed on a 40 hours per week basis as applicable over a five-day work week, 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday, except those days where a Federal Holiday is observed.
Evening and weekend work may be required at times. Overtime is authorized only with prior approval from the USAO and the Contractor.
Period of performance One base year and 4 optional years (1920 hours+ up to 160 hours Overtime)
Base Year: September 15, 2018 – September 14, 2019
Option Year 1: September 15, 2019 – September 14, 2020
Option Year 2: September 15, 2020 – September 14, 2021
Option Year 3: September 15, 2021 – September 14, 2022
Option Year 4: September 15, 2022 – September 14, 2023
US Citizen U.S citizen
Travel Travel is required. All travel shall be reimbursed in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulations.
Security The Contractor key personnel must be screened and pass the applicable background investigation for this position and adhere to DOJ Security Clauses.

The objective of this contract is to obtain litigation support / legal assistant / secretarial services which will perform all clerical services which includes providing a variety of direct assistance to AUSAs, paralegals, legal assistants, and other USAO personnel.

Job Duties
  1. Works with Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs), investigators, federal agents and support staff to determine the most effective strategy to meet litigation needs.
  2. Identifies software packages such as: databases, spreadsheets and word processing applications based on the effectiveness of (1) presenting complex and voluminous evidence, (2) producing graphic demonstrative evidence, and (3) meeting individual user needs.
  3. Assists and/or trains attorneys and legal support staff in organizing voluminous case information for efficient retrieval through automated means such as scanning, indexing and controlling of documents into a data base.
  4. Assures documents are organized for efficient automated storage and retrieval by preparing appropriate indices, defining data file search criteria and indexing/coding fields. Monitors the progress of computer data entry effort. Prepares computerized trial presentation programs.
  5. Assists in production of discovery by scanning, copying, uploading electronic data; preparing and creating CD, DVD, or whatever media is required for production.
  6. Works with IT staff in diagnosing and resolving litigation support computer system problems and customizing databases and programs modified to meet individual user needs.
  7. Manages and operates a variety of computer hardware such as printers, plotters, audio-visual devices, and other state-of-the-art equipment to conceptualize exhibits and complete special presentation projects.
  8. Applies knowledge of U.S. Attorney and court programs, automation requirements and characteristics to resolve problems.
  9. Performs work that involves communicating through visual means. Assure computers and VCR/TV recording equipment is in place in courtrooms and grand jury sessions. Determines the placement and appearance of visual materials that will most effectively convey the information to the court, jury, and/or witnesses.
  10. Prepares for trial by producing, compiling, organizing, and indexing various evidentiary exhibits; marks and identifies trial exhibits; and provides courtroom exhibit presentation assistance.
  11. May perform a range of tasks including, but not limited to the preparation of narrative summaries, charts, tables, graphs, or other visual aids to be used at motion hearings, trials and sentencing hearings.
  12. Will work in an office setting; some walking, standing, bending and carrying of small office items is required. There may be a need to work overtime depending on work and caseload.
  13. Computer skills and ability to use document and case management programs, trial presentation programs, MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS Access or other data bases, MS Word and Adobe Acrobat Professional.
  14. Communication skills are extremely important. Applicant works and interacts professionally and effectively with all levels of staff; has the ability to meet established deadlines and work as a team player in a professional office; and is skilled in meeting and dealing with people in a courteous and tactful manner.
  15. Additional tasks, duties and administrative/legal responsibilities may be included that will require similar knowledge, education and experience to assist in other areas of the office.

  • Good communication skills, interpersonal communications and dealing with people
  • Knowledge of legal terminology
  • Knowledge of standard litigation support principles, methods and technology
  • Identify and resolve technical issues and problems
  • Ability to use a variety of computer systems and software, including document and case management, databases, spreadsheet, and trial presentation
  • Ability to use a variety of litigation support equipment, including graphics, printers, plotters, photographing devices, video and audio equipment.
  • Maintains equipment to ensure proper functioning
  • Ability to review and analyze data and information from multiple sources
  • Organize documents and data for efficient automated storage and retrieval
  • Ability to enter and retrieve data from databases
  • Ability to manipulate, transfer, compute and print information
  • Answer inquiries regarding case-related status
  • The contractor must have good communication and organizational skills, the ability to deliver highest quality work under pressure, and knowledge of software used by the USAO (or the ability to acquire knowledge about the USAO's computer systems).