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Contractor Paralegal Specialist
Ref No.: 18-06211
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Start Date: 09/05/2018
Order # RFQ1325862
Job Title Contractor Paralegal Specialist
Number of resumes 4 resumes each
Resume Due 09/06/2018 EOD

Job Description
Job Title Paralegal Specialist
Client U.S. Attorney's Office (USAO) District of The Virgin Islands of Department of Justice
Place of Performance U.S. Attorney's Office 5500 Veteran's Drive, Suite 260 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 00802-6214
Resume Due 9/06/2018 EOD
Number of Positions 1
No of Resumes 4
Period of performance Base + 4 Option Years (1864 hours each)
Working Hours 40 hours a week.
Overtime may be required to support the requirement of this order. Written authorization of overtime must be receive in advance.
Travel Yes, travel is required.
Security This position requires U.S. Citizenship and a 7 (or 10) year minimum background investigation. Active clearance is preferred.
Reference 3 professional references:
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The Abacus needs to provide Paralegal Specialist who will provide legal support as it relates to the USAO litigation mission. The Paralegal Specialist shall work under the direct supervision of Assistant United States Attorney(s) (AUSA(s)) in the Criminal Section to complete litigation-related assignments pertaining to violent crime cases and matters, as specified in the Statement of Work.

Job Duties
  1. Reviews investigative reports, testimony, interviews, files, and documents pertaining to violent crime cases and matters to become familiar with the issues, identify pertinent material, and prepare comprehensive digests. Researches and summarizes information in violent crime cases and matters. Reads and analyzes reports of investigating agencies; analyzes and reviews subpoenaed documents; and identifies and summarizes information that may be relevant to violent crime cases and matters. Establishes and maintains an effective system for compiling, indexing, and organizing this information and its sources.
  2. Participates and assists in preparation for trial by compiling, organizing, and indexing evidentiary exhibits. Marks and identifies trial exhibits and drafts a list of exhibits to be offered at trial. Prepares narrative summaries, charts, tables, graphs, or other visual aids to be used at trial. Conducts statistical analyses as appropriate. Ensures that the exhibits and visual aids are labelled and organized so that they correspond to the government's theory of the case and support the government's evidence presentation.
  3. Performs legal research on issues and in cases and matters identified by the AUSA(s); researches cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, policies, procedures, legal periodicals, and other legal authorities relevant to a particular issue. Organizes legal research and supporting documentation by creating summaries, bibliographies, and indices for use in litigation. Utilizes automated legal research tools as well as public information databases and other automated resources to research case- or program-specific legal matters. Provides litigation support in matters and cases involving electronic discovery.
  4. Assists in the preparation of the government's Client and expert witnesses for trial. Participates in the interviews of potential witnesses; summarizes their prospective testimony; and suggests questions for examination and lines of possible inquiry.
  5. Prepares drafts on a variety of legal documents, such as pleadings, memoranda of law, trial briefs, appellate briefs, summonses, complaints, indictments, answers, motion papers, and stipulations. Incorporates legal references and includes an analysis of precedents related to the case. The incumbent writes initial drafts or summaries to be used in preparation of the final draft and then shepardizes, proofreads, and verifies citations and statutory references against original sources such as legal texts, reports, etc., to insure correctness and conformance with source materials.
  6. Maintains liaison with client agencies to keep them informed about the litigation and to seek their assistance to resolve particular legal or factual problems.
  7. For Freedom of Information requests, obtains all information, reviews the case, makes preliminary analysis, and submits to attorney for review.
  8. Based on the incumbent's understanding of the policies, goals, and concerns of the District, the incumbent compiles research notebooks and files regarding statutes, case law, and controversial legal issues of special interest to the Division. Researches all relevant articles in selected newspapers, magazines, journals, and reviews, compiles biographical summaries on the authors whose work is being reviewed, and indexes these materials for continuing use by staffing attorneys.

Travel: Any travel costs will be compliant with the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR).